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300 The Fenway 

Boston, MA 



Live and Learn 

Live and Learn is the theme of 
our 1998 Microcosm yearbook. 
This represents the many differ- 
ent aspects that make up the Sim- 
mons we know. Most people as- 
sociate classes, labs, and guest 
lecturers with college. But there's 
a whole other side. The residence 
halls, apartments, and commut- 
ing from home greatly factor into 
the college adventure. Even more 
stories about jobs, activities, 
games, hangouts, friends, and be- 
ing in Boston are incorporated 
into the Simmons experience. 
Live and Learn is what that experi- 
ence will allow us to do. 


Registrar LEARN 

• The Spice Of Life: 

Events Section Page 16 

• Living Large: m I 

Senior Section Page 34 

• Live Up To It: H 

Class Section m Page 66 

• Learn To Live: 

Student Life Section Page 74 

• Living On The Edge: 

Organization Section Page 86 

• Learn The Ropes: ^^ — ^^^^11 

Sports Section Page 106 

• Live To Learn: 

Faculty And Staff Section Page 118 

• Live It Up: 

Candids Section Page 130 

• Dedication 

Page 150 

Living In Boston 



Learning At Simmons 









»t : aa- 


Colleges Of The Fenway 

The Colleges of the Fenway consortium - 
Emmanuel College, Massachusetts College 
of Pharmacy and Allied Health Sciences, 
Simmons, Wentworth Institute of Tech- 
nology, and Wheelock - has seen its first 
full academic year. Although students ini- 
tially had concerns that the consortium 
was an effort towards co-ed education, 
student expectations have equaled or sur- 
passed those worries. 

Through the collaboration students and 
faculty benefit from a wider array of activi- 
ties, more course options, flexibility in 
scheduling and have the advantage of 
conversing with additional staff and stu- 
dents. These principles of collaboration 
continue to enhance and expand student 
opportunities. For instance, beginning on 
Friday, August 29, 1997, The Colleges of 
the Fenway consortiun hosted a variety of 
events, called, "Welcome to the Neighbor- 
hood Week," to greet new and returning 
students. Activities included a drive-in 
movie, a poetry performance, and the sec- 
ond annual "Rock the Block" party. At the 
party students from all five schools have 
the chance to eat, and meet people from 
the neighboring schools. 



m m 

1 R j 

t * : 1 





1 }fc 



Events section 

The Spice Of Life: 

Events at Simmons add a little excitement to the average day. 
The many different programs attempt to get people involved. 
With everything from Family Weekend to Spring Spree celebra- 
tions, the events stir us to make a difference and exhibit what 
our students can do. The programming is essential in building a 
sense of community that many other colleges have lost sight of 
and create a profound sense of pride in our school. 




Pathways and Possibilities 

"Pathways and Possibilities" was an appropriate theme for this year's orientation. Orientation, hosted 
rom August 31 to September 3, had various pathways for incoming students to choose from such as the 
student Expo held on the Simmons residence campus. At the expo, students had the option of joining a 
:lub or organization of interest while meeting other Simmons students. Community Drumming was 
mother activity that students could choose to attend. This first MCC event focused on building community 
imong differences. Each student who participated received an instrument; a drum, bongo, symbol, etc., 
ind created their own pattern of musical beats. Each student then demonstrated their own pattern to the 
;roup and the group responded by repeating the pattern. Other activities students could choose from 
ncluded Casino Night, Shear Madness, Rock the Block Party, Midnight Cruise, Coffeehouse at Quadside 
md a movie on Emmanuel's Quad, all of which were sponsored by the Colleges of the Fenway. 

Sue Antonelli, Orientation 
Chair, is dressed to impress. 

One orientation group pauses 
long enough to smile for the 

Leadership Retreat 

The Leadership Retreat was held on September 19 and 20 this year. This time away from campus gives 
leaders a fresh start, interesting ideas, and new friends as well. The Leadership Retreat title was "Get Your 
Pass to Go!" and had a traffic theme. About 30 students and 4 staff members escaped to the Woodbound 
Inn in Rindge, New Hampshire for educational workshops such as "Makin' a Move", "The Roads We've 
Travelled" and "BAFA BAFA". A great time was had by all as these Simmons leaders learned the impor- 
tance of team work, communication, paper planning, having fun! 

Day at the Beach 

Kristie Kirchner gives pointers 
on better bake sales. 

Laju Ogedenbe and Fatma 

This Group stops for a 
Good Laugh 


"That afternoon was met with great 
anticipation. With our bandannas tied tight 
and our shoulders warmed by the sun, we 
shoved off. The start line was a frenzy of 
boats, brightly painted oars laid still for the 
moment on the dark water. We clutched 
palms sending a silent pulse, a prayer, 
down the length of the boat. Each sweaty 
palm grasping the other sent the message 
we all knew - from the first stroke to the 
last, we were in this together. "Bring it up 
Simmons you're at the start/ the official 7 s 
voice boomed from the speakers. An 
explosion of power began, erupting from 
our hearts and bursting through each of 
our muscles/' -Jen Chyten 

Members of the Simmons Crew show us their 
smiles on the dock of the B.U. boathouse before 
morning practice. 


My experience was Amazing! 
Our bladework was spectacular. 
We rowed at a hard rate the whole 
way. -MeaganCarr 



Amy Viehmann and family 

Family Weekend was a wonderful chance 
to introduce my relatives to Simmons 
and to educate them about the activities 
and opportunities that are available to 
me here. The weekend was filled with 
interesting events that kept us all busy 
and entertained, including watching the 
famous Head of the Charles river race 
and attending a seminar about the "short 
term" study abroad program. We were 
welcomed upon arrival with a box of 
Simmons goodies and until my family 
left, we encountered nothing but spirit 
and enthusiasm from everyone involved 
and participating in the events. I enjoyed 
getting my family involved in my educa- 
tion, and they enjoyed being included in 
it. - Jessica Shaw 

Fortunate for 
good weather, 
Simmons 7 
Families gather 
outside for a 
picnic luncheon. 

Not being from 
Boston, Family Weekend 
gives me a chance to 
learn more about the city 
and do things I normally 
wouldn't do with my 
family. -Latasha Taylor 

Families pose for a quick picture before 
boarding Boston's Famous Duck Tours. 

Jessica Shaw and her family enjoy a little lunch 
during Family Weekend. 


Domestic Violence Awareness Week 

On Sunday, September 21, 1997, Relationship Violence Awareness Week began at Simmons. This 
Week allows the Simmons community to both express their concerns and learn more about 
domestic violence. To increase awareness, students and faculty of Simmons participated in the 
Jane Doe Walk for Women's Safety along the Charles River. The annual memorial known as The 
Clothesline Project was displayed in the Main Campus Building's lobby. The members of Deana's 
Fund sponsored a one woman play, The Yellow Dress, depicting violent relationships among 
young adults. A panel discussion was held following the play to talk about the audiences feelings 
and experiences. 


ana s S^und presents 

The annual Domestic Violence Awareness 
Week clothesline on display at the MCB. 

The Panel discusses ways to help domestic vio- 
lence victims. 

The Yellow Dress production tells 
the story of one girl's experiences 
with abuse. 

Senior Faculty Toast 

The Senior Faculty Toast was held on October 8, 1997 in the Trustman Art Gallery. This first senior 
event went over quite well. This event allows seniors and faculty to have some time to mingle and talk 
before senior year gets too crazy. Regina Hill, Chair, and Professor David Gullette of English both 
spoke about the successes of the Class of 1998. A good time was had by all. 

The bubbly kept pouring. 

The Trustman Art Gallery was packed 
with seniors and faculty members. 

Seniors Jodi Braham and Anat 
Leviel are ready for refills. 

The Clean Up Crew grabs their 
fifteen seconds of fame. 



■ i 

The Simmons Community celebrated the winter 
season with the class of 2001 at the annual 
Winter Wonderland dinner. At the event, 
President Dan Cheever carved and served the 
turkey. Professor David Browder of the 
Mathematics Department accompanied faculty 
members on his piano while they enlightened 
diners with holiday songs. The Simmons 
Chorale also made an appearance, singing 
selected pieces from their winter program. To 
add to the holiday cheer, a table was set up for 
card signing. These holiday cards went to the 
unit at Beth Israel Hospital. 

Freshman Class President, Mindy 
Paulo, gets a moment to relax from 
the holiday festivities as she waits 
for more people to sign cards. 

Students dining during 
the annual Winter 
Wonderland celebration. 

President Dan Cheever and faculty 
members sing holiday songs to 
entertain the Bartol crowd. 



Jennifer Nelson poses 
with her Mom. 

Despite the Nor'easter that swept New England on Friday, 
approximately 70 senior and role model pairs made it to the 
various activities held as part of the annual Women's Legacy 
Weekend (formerly known as Mother-Daughter Weekend). On 
Friday afternoon, the Silver Tea brought a panel of four 
alumnae, members of the Simmons Leadership Council, to 
Alumnae Hall. Immediately following the tea, seniors and their 
guests relaxed at the "Simmons Spa," where make-up artists 
provided color and cosmetics consultations, and physical 
therapy graduate students gave massages. 

Saturday's luncheon was held at the Swissotel. On Saturday 
night, seniors and guests attended The Male Intellect (An Oxy- 
moron), or Faneuil Hall's The Comedy Connection. 

Wrapping up the weekend was a brunch on Sunday morning, 
held at the President's House in Brookline. 

Simmons College seniors pose 
for a picture with their mothers. 

Successful Alumnae return to 
Simmons for a panel discussion 
during Friday's Silver Tea. 



CAB members wished to bring back Fall Fest which had been a Simmons tradition 
in the 80' s. The weekend of October 3-5 was packed with activities to celebrate its 
return. On Friday night, the weekend kicked off with performances in Quadside 
Cafe by bands "Shuffle 'N' Tremble" and "Standish Drive". On Saturday, the fun 
continued with a festival on the Quad. The booths included caricature artists, 
games tables, a DJ, a mini-mall, and a Barbacue to finish it off. That evening, 
students enjoyed the antics of comedians Julie Barr and Mike Jasse in Alumnae 
Hall. The weekend festivities concluded on Sunday night with the movie "Gross 
Pointe Blank" shown on the Quad. All in all, the weekend was a great success as 
many students turned out to help CAB bring back this missing tradition. 

A quick look at some of the many events, 
vendors, and students that were involved 
in the Fall Fest. 


^ diverse group of students, faculty members, and administrators was convened by 
lilda Hernandez-Gravelle and the Student Life Office to plan the 1997 Latino 
leritage Month. The theme of this year's celebration was "Abriendo Puertas: 
Velcome to the Hearts, Minds, and Soul of the Latino Culture". An exciting array of 
ctivities was planned throughout the month, including a discussion of the historical 
ontributions of Latina women, a dinner at Bartol which included Latino food and 
lusic, a panel discussion about gender and sexism in the Latino culture entitled 
Machismo /Marianismo" and many more cultural events. A very special part of the 
lonth-long celebration was a keynote address by Gloria Anzaldua, a Chicana poet, 
writer, and cultural theorist whose famous writings include "Borderlands /La 
rontera: The New Mestiza". 

Latino Heritage 

Month 1997 

Featured keynote speaker Gloria 
Anzaldua is a poet, writer, and 
cultural theorist from the Rio Grande 
Valley of South Texas. 

Music, poetry, and art are important parts 
of Latino Heritage Month 

Organizacion Latino Americana students enjoy 
the Latino Heritage Month Dinner. 



With immense effort by the Student Government 
Association, students spread the word of unrest 
with the high prices at The Fens cafeteria. 


I thought the Boycott went well. It was refresh- 
ing to see students and faculty come together to 
stand up for something everyone felt strongly 
about. -Sharise Brown, SGA Vice President 

(left):Three cheers for Student 
Government! Keri Moss and 
Tara Madison show 
ARAMARK their muscle in an 
attempt to make the new food 
service aware of students' 
feelings about higher prices. 

Tara, Jessica, and Soojie take a 
break during some downtime at 
the student boycott outside of the 

Class of 2000 President Soojie Hwang and 
Senior Keri Moss look on as members of the 
Simmons community support their mission 
by signing a petition. 



Brenda Tierney, Sara Kohen and friend enjoy the party. 

The whole 
gang poses 
for a shot 

Alix LaFerriere, 
Lyn Gustaferro, 
and Kelly Hines 
seem to be 
having a good 

Eve Lawrence is 
caught by surprise 
by the camera as 
she chats with 
Shauna Laprel and 
Samantha Kezer. 

The 98 Days Left Party was 
held on February 8, 1998 at the 
Pour House in Boston. The 
attendance was high for a 
Sunday night, and a great 
time was had by all present. It 
was a night for old friends to 
get together and for new 
friends to be introduced. 
There was oodles of food and 
Scott, the bar man, kept a 
smile on everyone's face. It 
was the perfect way to kick off 
the countdown to Commence- 
ment and a chance for seniors 
to relax and to have some fun. 

lodi Braham and Caren 
Veneer are all smiles. 



CAB held their annual Winter Weekend from February 13-15, 1998, giving stu- 
dents a chance to celebrate their Valentine's Day with style this year. The week- 
end began with performance by 'The House Jacks", a Rock A Cappella Group, on 
Friday night in Alumnae Hall. On Saturday, Valentine's Day started with a "Jazz 
Brunch" in Bartol Hall, were students were invited to eat brunch to the sounds of 
jazz music. That night, students went to Alumnae Hall for a showing of "My Best 
Friend's Wedding" starring Julia Roberts. On Sunday, the Winter Weekend con- 
cluded at the World Trade Center with the Seventeenth Annual Valentine's Ball. 

The House Jacks" single 
out a easily embarrassed 
freshman to serenade. 

'The House Jacks" a 
cappella sounds put the 
accoustics of Alumnae 
Hall to the test. 


Valerie O'Connor grooves out 
with the band. 

Seniors Erin Henry and 
Beth Sappington grin with 


'This was my first time going 
and I had a great time dancing/ 

- Jen Meister 

"I thought the ballroom was beauti- 
ful and the view was amazing. 
Everyone seemed to enjoy them- 

- Anne Brochu 

"I liked the food there. It's nice to 
sit and have a meal when you're 
all dressed up. And the view of 
the skyline was incredible." 
- Nicole St. Clair 

'It was as fun as you made it.' 
- Sylvia Coburn 

There was a trend in black dresses/ 
- Michele Bourgeois 


Current Events 

WNBA- Women's National Basketball 
Association ends its first season with the 
Houston Comets taking the championship. 

The Florida Marlins win the 1997 World 
Series by beating the Cleveland Indians in 
the eleventh inning of the seventh game. 


In Super Bowl XXXII, the Denver Broncos' 
John Elway upset the Green Bay Packers' 
Brett Favre with a score of 31-24. 

After dedicating her life to 
helping others, Mother 
Teresa died of heart failure in 
her convent in Calcutta at the 
age of 87. 

The Mir space station provides a 
home and mission base for 
American and Russian scientists 
They are working together to 
build an International Space 
Station by 2002. 

The Spice Girls, who go by Geri, Mel B, 
Emma, Victoria, and Mel C, have gained 
overnight fame with shouts of "Girl Power 


Mi "'■■ 

Diana, Princess of Wales, dies in a car crash 
in Paris, leaving Britain in mourning. 

President Bill Clinton is elected to his 
second term with his Vice President, Al 
Gore, continuing as his closest adviser. 

The reappointed first woman Attorney 
General, Janet Reno, speaks on crime 
intervention for the nation's youth. 

The talented performer Jewel 
tours the country with her first 
album, "Pieces of You". 


Senior section 


Living Large: 

Looking through the student portraits, it is almost possible to 
see graduation in their eyes. This is a group of successful 
women. They may have come from all different places, and be 
going to many more, but they have shared some of the best 
times of their lives with one another. I present to you the Class 
of 1998 ... 



<athleen R. Ahern 

ntensive Special Needs- 
Ihelmsford, MA 

'Your silence will not protect 
rou" -Audre Lorde 
Dean's List; Lesbian Bisexual and 
Ulies Association: Secretary, 
'resident; Simmons Community 
Dutreach: Education Coordina- 
or; Who's Who; GALA; Educa- 
ion Liaison: Secretary; Resident 
Vdviser; Resident Adviser 
louncil; Orientation Leader; 
Activist and Warrior Woman. 

Loren L. Andreotta 

International Relations 
East Windsor, CT 

"Happiness is like a butterfly. 
The more you chase it, the more it 
will elude you. But if you turn 
your attention to other things, it 
comes and softly sits on your 
shoulder." -unknown 
Simmons Hall Council: Social 
Chair; Chorale; Volunteer in 
Admissions: Ambassador, Senior 

lachal Aronson 

lociology; English minor 
Arlington, MA 

The best and most beautiful 
hings in the world cannot be 
een or even touched. They must 
>e felt with the heart." -Helen 

Jndless thanks and appreciation 
o my parents and wonderful 
riends. M & D, without your 
ove and support I wouldn't have 
nade it! I value all you have 
aught me and will carry your 
ove with me always, 
iimmons College Dance Club 
'resident; SCO. 

Sarah Ann Baun 

Management- Accounting 
Andover, MA 

Head Cashier (paycheck), 
Student Accounts 


Traci A. Anastas 

North Quincy, MA 



Susan Marie Antonelli 

Public Relations-Mar Comm 
Arlington, MA 

"I'm an idealist. I don't know 
where I'm going, but I'm on my 
way." -Carl Sandburg 
Sr and Jr Class President; 
Commuter Student Advisor; 
Orientation Chair; Commuter 
Student Organization President; 
Ambassador; Student Advisor on 
Multiculturalism; Cultural Events 
Committee Chair; Outstanding 
Member of the Junior Class; 
Who's Who; Dean's List. 
Love to Mom, Dad, Tracy, & 

Elizabeth A. Bagley 

Physical Therapy 
Patten, ME 

"Success begins with a single step 
that takes you as far as your 
determination and dedication 
want to go." -Nancye Sims 
Study Abroad England Spring 97; 
J-Board: Representative 95, Chair 
96; Orientation Leader 95, 96. 

Amy M. Beauchemin 

Physical Therapy 
Stratford, CT 

"Education is an admirable thing. 
But it is well to remember from 
time to time that nothing that is 
worth knowing can be taught." - 
Oscar Wilde 





Valerie Bondola 

Special Education-Spanish; 
Psychology minor 
Swampscott, MA 

It wouldn't have been worth it if 
it weren't for my quirky, intense 
mother; my forgiving, silly 
brother; Danielle- my soulmate; 
Lopez- my best friend; Meagen- 
"Madi"; Christine- "My Love"; 
Ariel; and el grupo de la 
primavera en Cordoba '97- viva 

"Be true to yourself, and you will 
never fall." - Mike D. 

Petia Amabel Bradshaw 

Queens, NY 

BSO; Honor Board; Big Brother/ 
Little Sister Program; Bill 
Clinton's Read America Tutor 

Thank you God for blessing me 
with the ability and perseverance 
to do this. Thank you for your 
support Mom and Dad, Aunt 
Kay, Aunt Sarah, Uncle Jack and 
Grandma. Altia, you are an 
inspiration! Harold, thanks for 
putting it together- 1 love you. To 
my adopted family, Thanks! 

Jodi Lynn Braham 

Graphic Design 
Houston, TX 

"There are no mistakes, just 
happy accidents." -Bob Ross 

Natalia J. Bueno 

Montpelier, VT 

Oanh Minh Bui 

Watertown, MA 

It was a wonderful 4 yrs. 
Thank you Mom & Dad. 
I will miss all of this. 

Nina E. Buthee 

IntT Relations- Photography; 
Political Science & Art History 
Westport, CT 

"My favorite place to go is where 
I've never been." -Diane Arbus 
Thanks for everybody's support- 
Live well, rock on. -Nina. 
Amnesty International; Health 
Peer Educators; Arab League 
Association; Dean's List 8 

Megan Emily Burke 

Public Relations-Marketing 
Milford, CT 

Simmons News: Writer 1-3, Sports 

Editor 2; 

Simmons Hillel: 1-4, Regional 

Representative 2, Vice President 3, 

Co-President 4. 

Love ya Mom, Dad, Jennifer, and 


Kerry A. Butts 

Melrose, MA 



Angelique Rosario Cabrera 

Public Relations-Marketing 
Oxnard, CA 

"One can never consent to creep 
when one feels the impulse to 
soar." -Helen Keller 
SGA; OLA; ALANA; Dance Club; 
Studio 5. 

Candice L. Caines 

Human Services-Spanish; 
Sociology minor 
Boston, MA 

I will faithfully make "the most of 
my talent and cultivate the seed 
that was placed in me." -Kathe 
Kollwitz. I would like to thank 
those who have trusted in my 
talents and have supported me as 
I cultivate the seeds that have just 
begun the growth of a lifetime. Te 
quiero mucho. 

Abigail B. Callaway 

Chevy Chase, MD 

President Psychology Liaison 

Sarah Ann Carvey 

Sociology-Elementary Education 
Bedford, MA 

"Some people make the world 

more special just by being in it." - 


Hall Council; SCO; Education 

Liaison; Ambassadors. 


Katelyn Morgan Caffelle 

Physical Therapy 
Arlington, MA 

God gives us the talent, we must 
give the effort! 

Thank you Mom, Dad, Jamie, & 
Kristin for all the love and support 
you've given me over the years. 
To all my friends & especially 
Chris, a special thank you for 
making my years at Simmons so 
memorable. I love you all! 
Academy; Dean's List; Student 
Athlete's Council; PT Curriculum 
Committee; Capt. of Tennis Team; 
PT Liaison Sect.; Evans Hall Tres. 

Christine Anne Caligtan 

McLean, VA 

Meagan Carr 

Sociology-Elementary Education 
Whitinsville, MA 

Simmons Varsity Crew: Capt. 97- 
98; Student Athletes Council: Vice 
President 96-98; Academy. 
Hey Simmons Crew.. What's for 

Sachiko Sato Castleman 

Newton, MA 

Rebecca M. Caswell 

Conservation Biology 
Spofford, NH 

Soccer 1-4, Capt 4 

Students for the Environment 3, 4 

Donna Domenica Catamero 

Providence, RI 

"Please know that I am aware of 
the hazards. I want to do it 
because I want to do it." -Amelia 

Campus Activities Board 2-4; 
College Republicans: Secretary 
3,4; Psychobiology Student 

Kendellynn D. Cavanaugh 

Physical Therapy 
East Falmouth, MA 

"Listen to the musnt's, child, 
Listen to the dont's, Listen to the 
shouldnt's, the impossibles, the 
wont's, Listen to the never haves. 
Then listen close to me- Anything 
can happen, Anything can be." - 
Shel Silverstein 
Dance Club 1; Volunteer in 
Admission 1; Crew 1, 2; Ambas- 
sador 2, 3; Outing Club 2, 
President 3; Smith Hall President 

Sea Won Ella Chan 


Besides studying, I have a lot of 
other interests: Japanese 
animation, singing, music, 
chatting, writing, shopping, 
cooking and of course learning! 

Kate E. Chatellier 

Cranston, RI 

Varsity Soccer; Students for the 

Environment: Co-President; 


"This is the day to begin to be the 

one you dream to be!" -Anon. 

Sarah Louise Champ 

Philosophy-Women's Studies 
Vernon, CT 

"Existence precedes essence." - 
Jean Paul Sartre 

Rebecca L. Chapell 

Physical Therapy 
Springfield, MA 

Soccer: Captain 2 yrs; Student 

Athletes Council; Smith Hall 


"There is no such word as can't.' 

Peter Boulais 

Angelita R. Chevannes 

Sociology-Human Services 

"You are #1" -Leanora 


Tommy, my second breath, & 

Cleon, my advisor: You are all, 

wind beneath my wings. 


Kyung Ah Chung 

Allston, MA 

Katherine City 

Sherborn, MA 

"If you really want something 
you can figure out how to make 
it happen." -Cher 
I believe this is very true to me. I 
have worked very hard to 
graduate from here. Thank you 
to all that have supported me: 
Mom, Al, Chris, Liz, Joe, Emma, 
Dad, Julie. I love you all. 

hwhi sm 

Heather Dawn Cole 

English Literature 
Scarborough, ME 

"We are the candymakers and we 

are the dreamers of dreams." - 

Willy Wonka 

Sailing Team 

Hall Council Social Chair 

Courtney Noel Craig 

Sandwich, MA 

"Bring yourself uniquely and 
fully into bloom... Don't just 
weed your garden." -Paul 

Nursing Pinning Co-Chair 
Thanks to my family for their 
love and support and Mom for 
your guidance. Follow your 
dreams Chris! I love you Sean 
and treasure the memories. 


Jennifer M. Chyten 

Austin, TX 


Academy; Varsity Crew; Resident 

Adviser; Microcosm 

PORT; Spring Break- Tampa, the 

posse, bridge painting, Power 10, 

Ruby's, belly rings, Deli Haus, 

Bosstones, Santeria, OUIJA, 

Johnny T., Chupa Cabra. Thanks 

Mom, Dad, Karen, Jay-love you! 

"Feet- what do I need them for, if 

I have wings to fly." -Frido Kahlo 

Danielle Marie Claffey 

Scarborough, ME 

Simmons News: Entertainment 

Ebony L. Collins 

Computer Science-Management 
of Information Systems 
Boston, MA 

Math/CS Liaison: President 97- 

98; BSO; Mgmt Liaison 

"The ladder of success is never 

crowded at the top." -Florence 

Griffith Joyner 

"I can do all things through 

Christ which strengtheneth me." - 

Philippians 4:13 

Heather Anne Cummings 

Computer Science-English 
Chula Vista, CA 

Asian Student Association: Vice 
President, Student Government 

Larissa A. D'Avignon 

Public Relations-Marketing 
Communication; Graphic Design 
Newton, MA 

" 'Would you tell me, please, 

which way I ought to go from 


'That depends a good deal on 

where you want to get to/ said 

the Cat" 

-from Alice's Adventures in 

Wonderland by Lewis Carroll 

Danielle M. Daley 

Saugus, MA 

Amy B. Dall 

Sociology- Human Services 
Southbridge, MA 

"Shoot for the moon. Even if you 
miss, you will land among the 
stars." -unknown 
Simmons Community Outreach; 
Sociology Liaison 

Heidi L. Deschamps 

Acushnet, MA 

Psychology Liaison Secretary; 
Students for the Environment 

Kimberly M. Diggs 

Boston, MA 

Melissa Susan Delgado 

Medford, MA 

Sirens 95-98: Music Director 97-98 

Christiane Jeannette Aline 

Philosophy-Psychology; Art 


Needham, MA 

Proud to follow my great 
grandmother, Aline Fraser, Class 
of 1910. Love, Hope, Gratitude to 
Family & Friends, esp. "Mumma" 
who, with her strength and 
silence, teaches both how I might 
become the person I desire to be 
& avoid being silenced. "Love is 
the irresistable desire to be 
desired irresistably." -R. Frost 
The desire to row is like that to 
live., addictive and catchy. 

Nele Birgitte Skovbjerg Dobes 

Public Relations- Marketing 
Copenhagen, Denmark 

"Fly me to the moon and let me 
play among the stars, let me see 
what spring is like on Jupiter and 
Mars." -Frank Sinatra 
Academy member 


Heather J. Donovan 

Physical Therapy 
Charlotte, ME 

"The people on our planet are not 
standing in a line single file. Look 
closely. Every one is really 
standing in a circle, holding 
hands. Whatever you give to the 
person standing next to you, it 
eventually comes back to you." - 

Sarah B. Elin 

Elementary Education-Sociology 
Brookline, MA 

Dean's List; Academy. 
"Far away in the sunshine are my 
highest aspirations. I may not be 
able to reach them, but I can look 
up and see their beauty, believe 
in them, and try to follow where 
they lead." -Louisa May Alcott 

Dana M. Figler 

Marketing; Public Relations- 
Marketing Communications 
Canton, OH 

"Those who find beautiful 
meanings in beautiful things are 
the cultivated. For these there is 
hope." -Oscar Wilde (for Lindsey) 
"We are young despite the years. 
We are concerned. We are hope 
despite the times... Begin the 
begin." - R.E.M. (for Kells) 

Allison A. Edwards 

Manchester, NH 

Students for the Environment; 
Varsity Soccer 

■• '' 

Amy E. Flynn 

Worcester, MA 


Kimberly A. Fee 

Maiden, MA 

Stephanie Suzanne Flier 

Brookline, MA 

Meghan A. Footit 

Sociology-Human Services; 
English minor 
Westfield, MA 

Grace Johanna Foster 

1 Wiscasset, ME 

"To be nobody but yourself in a 
world which is doing its best night 
and day to make you everybody 
else - means to fight the hardest 
battle which any human being can 
fight - and never stop fighting." - 
e.e. cummings 

"The Lord will fulfill his purpose 
forme." Psalm 138:8 
Simmons News: Contributing 
Reporter; Campus Crusade for 
Christ President 95-97; Varsity 
Crew Team Coxswain 94-96; Father 
Daughter Weekend Committee 95. 

Tawanna Claudia Fulton 

Philosophy-Elementary Education 
Roxbury, MA 

"If I am only for others, who am I? 
But if I am only for myself, what 
am I?" -unknown 
Peace Games Volunteer 95-97, 
Peace Games Parent Coordinator 
Fall 96-Spring 97 

Alexis Touraine Garrett 

Marketing-Global Management 
Framingham, MA 

Julie B. Gilberti 

Physical Therapy 
Shelton, CT 

"I have come to believe over and 
over again that what is most 
important to me must be spoken, 
made verbal and shared, even at 
the risk of having it bruised or 
misunderstood." -Audre Lorde 

Rebecca M. Foster 

Physical Therapy 
Deerfield, MA 

"We have not even risked the 

adventure alone, for the heroes of 

all time have gone before 

us... where we had thought to travel 

outward, we will come to the 

center of our own existence. And 

where we had thought to be alone, 

we will be with all the world." - 

Joseph Campbell 

Mom, Dad, Lynn, & Brian - Thank 

you for all your love and support. 

Ohuwa Glinda Furblur 

Human Services-Psychology 
Harwich, MA 

"So it will come to pass that when 
women participate fully and 
equally in the affairs of the world, 
when they enter confidently and 
capably the great arena of laws 
and politics, war will cease; for 
woman will be the obstacle and 
hinderance to it." from Baha'i 
Scripture. Athlete's Council; 
Psychology Liaison; Transfer 
Liaison; Basketball Team; Track 
and Field Team; "Read Boston" 
Tutoring Program. 

Erin M. Garrett 

Human Biology 
Plymouth, MA 

Shannon Marcelle Gile 

Physical Therapy 
Hillsborough, NH 

"The variety of our skin tones can 
confuse, bemuse, delight, brown 
& pink & beige & purple, tan & 
blue & white. I note the obvious 
differences between each sort & 
type, but we are more alike, my 
friends, than we are unalike." - 
Maya Angelou 
Resident Adviser 95-97 


Sarah T. Gillooly 

Sociology; Spanish minor 
North Adams, MA 

"Life is not a destination - it's a 
journey. We all come upon 
unexpected curves and turning 
points, mountaintops and valleys. 
Everything that happens to us 
shapes who we are becoming. 
And in the adventure of each day 
we discover the best of our- 
selves." -unknown. 
SCO; Dance Club; Spain May '97; 
Mexico May '98 

Tamara B. Gooding 

Bristol, CT 

"I don't need anyone to hold me, 
I can hold my own. I got 
highway for stretchmarks, see 
where I've grown... a good brain 
ain't diddly if you don't got the 
facts. ..we live in a breakable, 
takeable world, an ever available 
possible world... for every lie I 
unlearn I learn something 
new... cause every tool is a 
weapon if you hold it right." - 

Thanh Hien T. Ha 

Economics minor 
Dorcester, MA 

A special thanks to my parents 
Mr. & Mrs. Ha; husband Hieu, 
and my daughter Vin-Uyen, for 
understanding and supporting 
my education during the last four 
years. I appreciate it deeply and 
love you all. 

Angela Giovanello 

Communications; English minor > 
Southbridge, MA 

Simmons Voice Copy Editor; Art 
& Music Liaison; Simmons 
Community Outreach 

Sarah A. Gove 

Political Science-Management 
Meredith, NH 

Honor Board; Fenway Advisory 
Board; SGA Student Affairs 
Officer; Management & Political 
Science Liaisons 

Samira F. Hannoush 

Watertown, MA 

Ericka L. Harrington 

Winthrop, ME 

Nursing Liaison; Simmons 
Chorale Treasurer. 


Jennifer-Jo Hartsman 

Lawrenceville, GA 

Melissa A. Haseltine 

Int'l Relations- Spanish 
Orland, ME 

"Si no yo por mi? Quien por mi? 
Si no ahora? Cuando?" -del 

Simmons Community Outreach; 
Young Democrats; I R Liaison; 
Simmons en Cordoba; Emerging 
Leaders; Amnesty Int'l. 
Thank you to the faculty of 
Simmons for your encourage- 
ment and support. A special 
thanks to my family, friends and 
especially my Mom and Dad. 
Love, Melissa 

Jennifer B. Herzog 

Glastonbury, CT 

Class of 1998 Vice President; CSO 
Senior Representative 

Regina Hill 

Political Science- African 
American Studies 
Westfield, MA 

"When nothing is sure, every- 
thing is possible." 
-Margaret Drabble 
Class Pres. 94-96; SGA Pres. 96- 
outstanding sophomore. 
Thanks Mom, Dad, & C.J., I 
couldn't have done it without 

Heather Lee Horner 

Physical Therapy 
Niskayuna, NY 

j|#j53 jP 

B^v i,,rf, ** 

its**/* iw 

..mi'-y^.. ■■;....■ f 

§1 ■■ :: ' 

:'. :W ' -ilk: 

Erin Kathleen Henry 

Dunstable, MA 

Sirens 94-98. 

Mum, Dad, Lorrie and Mike: I 
couldn't have asked for a more 
amazing family. To my extraor- 
dinary friends: (ML, BS, RL, LB, 
MK,HH,SS,AP) We made it 
through together. Thank you! I 
love you! 

"But then again it feels like some 
sort of inspiration." -Indigo Girls 

Katherine E. Higgins 

Physical Therapy 
Cape Neddick, ME 

Hall Council 1 & 3; Swim Team 1- 
3: Conference All Star 94- 200 
FreeStyle; Ambassador 2 & 3 

Kelly May Hines 

Psychology; Art minor 
East Lansing, MI 

Black Student Organization 

Samantha A. Horoschak 

History- Art History 
McLean, VA 


Amy S. Isabelle 

Brunswick, ME 

Microcosm Layout Editor 1993- 
1994, 1997-1998. "It is good to 
spend time pursuing our 
ambitions. However, it is also 
good to take time and know that 
many things we want to be... we 
already are." 

Thank you Mom and Dad for all 
your love and support. 

Elizabeth A. Jendro 

Graphic Design 
Dracut, MA 

Resident Adviser 96-98; Editor of 
The Simmons (News) Voice; 
Orientation Leader 96-98; 
Commencement Speaker Chair; 
Senior Class Newsletter Editor; 
Music Director, Sirens 95-96; 
Mesick Hall Council Social Chair 
94-95; IND AFF for B.N. 
Thanks Mom, Dad, & Jim. 



Laura Elaine Kastrenos 

Physical Therapy 
Foxboro, MA 

Tennis Team Captain; Physical 
Therapy Liaison; Student 
Athletes' Council; Quadside 
Committee; member of Academy. 
Thanks and much love to Dad, 
Mom, Elaine, Jim, and Led 

Laura J. Kelly 

Salem, NH 

Volleyball; Dean's List; Honors 


"Not to know is bad. Not to want 

to know is worse. Not to hope is 

unthinkable. Not to dare is 

unforgivable." -IBO Proverb 

Kirsten Elizabeth Jacobsen 

Global Management 
Sao Paulo, Brazil 

"'Come to the edge,' he said. They 
said: 'We are afraid.' 'Come to the 
edge,' he said. They came. He 
pushed them... and they flew." 
-Guillaume Apollinaire 


Gillianne S. Joseph 

Allston, MA 

Chemistry Liaison President 


Meaghen A. Keaveny 


West Newton, MA 


Michelle Elizabeth Keohane 

Physical Therapy 
Needham, MA 

Varsity Swimming 4 yrs: Captain 



Samantha J. Kezer 

Brewster, MA 

Simmons Community Outreach 
"Some hang onto yesterday, live 
their lives looking behind. All we 
have is here and now, all our 
lives out there to find." 

Amy Kathleen Kirkland 

Human Biology 
Medford, MA 

"I can do all things through 
Christ who strengthens me." Phil 

John, Mom, Dad & Kimmy: 
Thanks for your support, I love 
you. Special thanks to Professor 
Mary Owen for truly challenging 
my mind! 

Sara M. Kohen 

Biology- Human Physiology 

Ormond Beach, FL 

"Ignore your teeth and they will 
go away." -unknown 
Swimming & Diving Team 

Annie C. Kyriakou 

Brookline, MA 

Hellenic Assn. 94-98, President 
96-98; Commuter Student Org. 94 
-98; Asian Students Assoc. 94-98; 
IntT Student Org. 97-98; Dean's 
List 94-98; Pen Pal IntT; Volun- 
teer Sunday School Teacher; 
Assistant Manager for Gentle 
Dental, Brookline. 

Zahida "Za" Khan 

Brighton, MA 

Chem Liaison VP; Bio/PreMed 
Liaison Co-Treas.; Stud Govt 
Assn Sec; Muslim Women's Assn 
Sec; Commuter Stud Org/SHAC 
Health Rep; Honor Board Rep; 
Amnesty Intl; Asian Stud Assn; 
Feminist Union; Chem Outreach 
Program; Volunteers in Admis- 
sion; Stud Natl Med Assn; 
Science /Eng Academic Support 
Network; Freshman Honors/ 
Ferebee Scholar; Dean's List. 

Aisha J. Knight 

Sociology- Spanish- African 
American Studies 
Buzzards Bay, MA 

"No matter what our problems 
are, no matter how great our 
challenges seem, they are 
miniscule compared to the 
abundance that is already in our 
lives." -unknown 

Yuki Kuraoka 

International Relations 
Somerville, MA 

Michele K. Lambert 

Physical Therapy 
Trumbull, CT 


Verna Christine Lane 

Physical Therapy 
W. Long Branch, NJ 

Melissa V. LaRusso 

Boston, MA 

Eve Lynn Lawrence 

History; Political Science minor 
Coopersburg, PA 

"Some people come quickly into 
our lives and go. Some people 
move our souls to dance. They 
awaken us to new understanding 
with a passing whisper of their 
wisdom. Some people make the 
sky more beautiful to gaze upon. 
They stay in our hearts and we're 
never, ever the same." -Anon. 
Simmons Ambassador 96-98; 
History Liaison Pres. 96-97; 
Arnold Hall Publicity Rep. 95-96; 
Simmons Theatrical Society 94-95. 

Amy Marie Letizia 

Marketing- Management 
Bristol, CT 

If I had only learned one thing it 
would be Time Flies - even when 
you're not having fun! Thanks to 
all my friends and professors - 
you've taught me so much. 
Mom, Dad, Erin, Ryan thanks for 
being there. I love you all! R.M. 
10/12/97 You will be in our 
hearts and minds forever. We 
miss you! 


Shauna Lillian Laprel 

Haverhill, MA 

"Understand that happiness is 
not based on possessions, power 
or prestige, but on relationships 
with people you love and 
respect." -H. Jackson Brown Jr. 
Dean's List; Who's Who; 
Simmons Ambassador; Evans 
Hall Secretary; Commencement 
Ball Co-Chair; The Simmons 
Voice; Dance Club; Arnold Hall 
Secretary; Valentine Ball 

Brenda M. Lavasta 

Management- Finance 
Lawrence, MA 

To Simmons: Aqui me pinte 
yo...y cejare mis huellas. A todas 
mis hermanas, evidensen y desen 
valor, es mi deseo con mucho 
amor y carino. Brenda Lavasta 
OLA President. Take care Yazz. 

Mara Ruth Lejfer 

Sociology- Health Services; Psych 


Simsbury, CT 

Mom & Dad-Thank you for all 
your support, I love you. To my 
friends at Simmons, my advice is: 
"Go outside, to the fields, enjoy 
nature and the sunshine, go out 
and try to recapture happiness in 
yourself. Think of all the beauty 
that's still left in and around you 
and be happy!" -Anne Frank 

Ruth J. Lipton 


Ann Arbor, MI 

Arnold Hall V.P. 96-97; Nursing 
Liaison 95-98 

"The nature of this flower is to 
bloom." -Alice Walker 
Mom, Dad, and Katie: Thank you 
for helping me become who I am. 
I love you!! To A.P., E.H., + M.L.: 
I love you guys! It's friends like 
you who make the college 
experience so wonderful. Thank 
you. I couldn't have done it 
without you. Love always, R.L. 

Christine Amy Long 

Physical Therapy 
North Falmouth, MA 

"Smile at each other, smile at 
your wife, smile at your husband, 
smile at your children, smile at 
each other- it doesn't matter who 
it is- and that will help you to 
grow up in a greater love for each 
other" -Mother Teresa 
To my family and friends- Thank 
you for all your love and support! 
Dean's List; PT Class Representa- 
tive; Arnold Hall Vice President. 

Crista M. Lucarelli 

Elementary Education-Sociology 
Arlington, MA 

"The future belongs to those who 
believe in the beauty of their 
dreams." -Eleanor Roosevelt 
With all my heart I would like to 
thank Mom, Dad, Paul, Bryan, and 
my wonderful friends for their 
love and support during the past 
four years. I love you all very 
much! President of Education 
Liaison; Simmons Community 
Outreach; Student Ambassador. 

Dilaila Maldonado 
Psychology-Human Services 
Roslindale, MA 

Resident Adviser 

V.P. OLA (Latina American 



Gwen E. Marshak 

Great Neck, NY 

Econ & Mgt Liaisons; Resident 
Adviser; BACCHUS; LSE; Honor 

Menrika Sarah Louis 

Sociology-Health Services; 
Biology minor 
Dorchester, MA 

Melissa R. Luhmann 

Physical Therapy 
Chatham, NY 

"seeker of truth 

follow no path 

all paths lead where 

truth is here" 
-e.e. cummings 

Danielle Quatie Malinowitz 

Physical Therapy 
Windham, ME/ Cohoes, NY 

Novice Crew Fall 94; Varsity 
Tennis Fall 95; Varsity Soccer Fall 
96/97, Great Northeast Athletic 
Conference- Academic All 
Conference Team 1997; Simmons 
Short-term in Cordoba, Spain 
May-June 97. 

To my family, my best friends: I 
love you very much, you are my 
life, you mean the world to me. 

Jennifer A. Masello 

East Boston, MA 


Taneisha Y. McCollum 

Public Relations-Marketing 
Boston, MA 

Black Student Organization 
Caribbean Culture Association 

Cindy Lee McGrath 

Somerville, MA 

Class of '98 Treasurer 

Colleen E. McLean 

Roswell, GA 

Dalcia Ledeni Melara Carranza 

Sociology of Health; Biology 


Jamaica Plain, MA 


Jodi A. McCoy 

Early Childhood Education- 
Norwell, MA 

Heather Marie Mclntyre 


North Attleboro, MA 

Heather M. Mearn 

Physical Therapy 
West Roxbury, MA 

"Live each day to the max, for 
who knows if you'll get a 
tomorrow!" -unknown 
Thank you Mom, Dad, Jo-Jo, 
Uncle P., Yia-Yia, Pa-Pa, & 
everyone else who has helped me 
survive college. 

Mara J. Menachem 

Sociology; Retail Management 


Miami, FL 

Rebecca Nicole Menard 

Brewster, MA 

Beth M. Morse 

Special Education-Psychology 
Rutland, MA 

"If one advances confidently in 
the direction of their dreams, and 
endeavors to lead a life which 
they have imagined, they will 
meet with a success unexpected 
in common hours." -Henry David 

^/W;::| : : "" 1 

' ^ *& 

^- '""V fl 



/ ^ ^^p 

■/ -•-%**'- 

W>J?\ "'■■:*:'■■: : % 

jS! 1 

• -' 

»''*» . jiAj 

: ' : H 

I ' '* u * r ■ 

H :¥, ■'■ : » ■■§■ '''W / j£: '■ S : 

Keri A. Moss 

Pawtucket, RI 

SGA Student Affairs Officer; 
Senior Week Co-Chair; Orienta- 
tion Coordinator; Orientation 
Leader; Chemistry Liaison 
Treasurer; Chemistry Outreach 
Program; Campus Activities 
Board; Volunteer in Admissions 
Panels; Cross Country; Track. 

Razia F. Naeem 

Seoul, Korea 

Donna Lee Mongeau 

Stoughton, MA 

"Trust in the Lord with all thine 
heart; and lean not unto thine 
own understanding. In all thy 
ways acknowledge him and he 
shall direct thy paths." -Proverbs 

Nursing Liaison Treasurer 97-98; 
Dean's List 94-98; Sigma Theta 
Tau International; National 
Student Nurses Association; 
Tutor for Anatomy & Physiology. 

Deborah A. Moss 

Elementary Education- 
Portland, CT 

Simmons Community Outreach- 
Big Sister Program 
"There's a land that I see 
Where the children are free 
And I say it ain't far 
To this land from where we are." 
from Free to Be... You and Me 

Gehan A. K. Mufti 

Saudi Arabia 

Muslim Women Association V.P.; 
International Student Association 
V.P.; Simmons College Ambassa- 
dor; Simmons Volleyball team; 
Arab League Association. 
Thank you Mom and Dad for 
having the confidence in me and 
supporting me to achieve my 
goals in life. 

Jennifer Marie Nelson 

Maynard, MA 

"I feel that the greatest reward for 
doing is the opportunity to do 
more." -Jonas Salk 
The Simmons Voice: Editor-in- 
Chief 97-98, Outstanding Member 
& Managing Editor 96-97, Copy 
Editor 95-96; Who's Who in 
American Colleges & Universities; 
Simmons Community Outreach; 
Women's Legacy Weekend Co- 


Anvinh Nguyen 

Dorchester, MA 

Hobbies: Love reading novels: 

my favorite is Anne of Green 

Gables series. 

Love talking on the phone with 

my friends. 

Love watching cartoons and 


Ann Marie O'Brien 

Hingham, MA 

Simmons Voice Layout Editor 97- 
98; Novice Crew 95; Simmons 
Community Outreach Volunteer. 
"Life isn't a matter of milestones, 
but of moments." -R. K. 

Stacey M. O'Hearn 

Brighton, MA 

Jessica S. Oakan 

Political Science-Psychology 
Torrington, CT 

"The essence of pleasure is 
spontaneity." -Germaine Greer 
"Today a new sun rises for me; 
everything lives, everything is 
animated, everything speaks to 
me of my passion, everything 
invites me to cherish it..." 

-Anne De Lenclos 
Simmons Hall Council President 
96-97; Simmons Ambassadors. 


Sarann M. Nuon 

Billerica, MA 


"Think freely. Smile often. Tell 
those you love that you do. 
Rediscover old friends. Make 
new ones. Hope. Grow. Give. 
Give in. Pick some daisies. Share 
them. Keep a promise. Laugh 
heartily. Reach out. Let someone 
in. Hug a kid. Slow down. See a 
sunrise. Listen to rain. Trust life. 
Have faith. Enjoy. Make some 
mistakes. Learn from them. 
Explore the unknown. Celebrate 
life!" -Jan Michelsen 

Jean F. O'Brien 

Elementary Education-Sociology 
Hingham, MA 

"Whatever we are doing is 

important, experiencing each 

moment along the way. Time is a 

gift." -Sue Bender 

Simmons Community Outreach 

Education Liaison 

Sociology Liaison 

Maura E. O'Shaughnessy 

Abington, MA 

Jill Anne Ogasian 

Physical Therapy; Biology minor 
Dover, NH 

CAB: Volunteer 94-98, Vice Chair ! 
95-96; Volunteer in Admissions 
94-97; Orientation Leader 95-97; 
Orientation Coordinator 97; SCO 
volunteer 96-97; Chemistry 
Outreach Program 96-97; 
Undergrad PT Advisory Board 
96-97; Simmons Ambassador 96- 
97; Who's Who Among America's 
Colleges & Universities 96, 
Dean's List 95-98. 

Riku Ogiwara 

Shizuoka, Japan 

Simmons chorus, soloist for the 
holiday concert, December 1996. 

Kimiko Ohara 

Kyoto, Japan 

I believe Life is Sweet. 

Kim B. Peluso 

Computer Science 
Lynnfield, MA 

Dix Scholars Program 
Computer Science /Math Liaison 


Jennifer A. Pittman 

Biology; Chemistry minor 
Everett, MA 

Alison Audrey Ramsay 

Environmental Science-Education 
Middleborough, MA 

Students for the Environment; 
Education Liaison; Smith Hall 
Council Secretary; Student 
Publicity Corp. 

"Human love and the delights of 
friendship, out of which are built 
the memories that endure, are 
also to be treasured up as hints of 
what shall be hereafter." -Bede 

Rigel Ranciato 

Boston, MA 

Psychology Liaison Vice- 

Lisa Marie Rand 

Jamaica Plain, MA 

"Emptied and Reloaded, By 
manmachine made rules and lies, 
Fitted and harnessed, with 
formfit alibis, Beaten and 
devoured, By the hate in love's 
disguise, Forcefed but unfulfilled, 
By a life where no one tries" - 

"..who passed through universi- 
ties with radiant cool eyes 
hallucinating Arkansas and 
Blake-light tragedy among the 
scholars of war..." -from Howl by 
Allen Ginsberg 


Tracy Renee Riggio 

Physical Therapy 
New Fairfield, CT 


Melissa Dawn Ripley 

Nutrition; Psychology minor 
Pembroke, MA 

"One can never consent to creep 
when one feels an impulse to 
soar." -Helen Keller 

Nancy Milagros Rojas 

Hartford, CT 

We need to continuously 
challenge everything! Our future 
may be unclear now, but I know I 
WILL effect the lives of others by 
helping to change and improve 
our nation. (PS. I couldn't have 
made it through college without 
my sisters and Andy. Thanks!) 

Tatiana N. Salcedo 
IntT Management- Marketing- 
La Paz, Bolivia 


Rudyard Kipling's poem, "If", 
has been an important guide in 
my life for the past years. 
Reading it over and over fortified 
me and enlightened me in times 
of doubt. I believe that the 
answers to most problems can be 
found within the words of this 
poem. I hope that this poem will 
accompany me now that I shall 
enter yet another stage of my life! 

Julie N. Rocke 

Dorchester, MA 









Wf - * 


■L^v? ' i 

Suzanne Paula Ronkin 

English; Psychology minor 
Wellesley, MA 

Senior Class Secretary. 
"There's 10 miles behind me and 
10,000 miles to go" -James Taylor 


Elizabeth J. Sappington 

Elementary Education-Sociology 
West Hartford, CT 

"Happiness lies in the joy of 
achievement and the thrill of 
creative effort." 

-Franklin D. Roosevelt 
"Every exit is an entry some- 
where else" -Tom Stoppard 

Meagen Satinsky 

Physical Therapy 
Abington, PA 


Julie Ann Savini 

Early Childhood Education- 
Somerville, MA 

Campus Activities Board: Chair 


Vice-Chair Spring 97, 

Special Events Chair Fall 96, 

Volunteer 95-96. 

Yilin Shao 

Brookline, MA 

My sincere appreciation for all 
my professors, peers, advisors, 
and those who care about me at 
Simmons. Thank you all for your 
encouragement, patience, and 

Susan A. Shapiro 

Arts Administration 
Camden, ME 

Elisa D. Shapiro 

East Greenwich, RI 

Ilk it 

Christina M. Shay 

English- Education 
Ipswich, MA 

Jennifer H. Shedd 

Human Services-Philosophy 
Sudbury, MA 

Jennifer Mary Shuart 

Arts Administration 
Monticello, NY 

BACCHUS; Resident Adviser; 
Art & Music Liaison; Holiday 
Toy Drive; History Liaison; 

"Arts are not a luxury, they are a 
very essential part of life, in bad 
times as well as in good- but 
especially in bad." -Maurice 
Vanderpool, Holocaust Survivor 

Gayle A. Sheffield 

Brookline, MA 

Lauren Elizabeth Shultz 

Physical Therapy 
Westborough, MA 

"Let us always meet each other 

with a smile, for the smile is the 

beginning of love." -Mother 


Track & Field Team 95; Sirens 9/ 

94-5/97, President 9/95-5/96. 


Amy B. Sinnott 

Biochemistry; Mathematics minor 
Brockton, MA 

"Try not. Do. Or do not. There is 
no try. ..Mind what you have 
learned. Save you it can." -Yoda 
from The Empire Strikes Back. 

Darlene M. Smith 

Roslindale, MA 

Jeannie L. Siobal 

Pearl, MS 

Rebecca E. Steinberg 

Elementary Education- 
Brookline, MA 

Alyssa Todd Stover 

Environmental Science 
Calais, ME 

Quadside Committee; 
Students For the Environment; 
Sailing Team. 


Nicole Maile St. Clair 

Brimfield, MA 

"To see what is right and not do 
it is want of courage." 

SGA; Microcosm; 98 Days Party 
Chair; Commencement Ball Co- 
Chair; Psychobiology Student 
Group; Jiu-jitsu Club at MIT; 
Who's Who; Simmons Theatrical 
Society; Simmons Hall Social 
Chair; Sigma Phi Epsilon Rush 
Woman; Quadside Committee; 
SAM; Dean's List. 

Jill Hodgson Stoodley 

Reading, MA 

Stacey Lynne Sullaway 

Danvers, MA 

Senior Class Gift Co-Chair. 
Mom and Dad, Thanks so much 
for all the encouragement these 
past four years. I couldn't have 
done it without you. Good luck 
Marsha, enjoy your last two years 
at Simmons to the fullest. World, 
here I come! 

Nicole M. Sweeney 

Physical Therapy 
Norton, MA 

"It's good to have an end to 
journey towards; but in the end, 
it is the journey itself that makes 
the difference." -Ursula LeGuin 
Physical Therapy Liaison: 
President; Dance Club; Track; 
Simmons Community Outreach; 
Miss Boston 1997. 

Chandra L. Tallman 

Graphic Design 
Painted Post, NY 

Sirens, college a cappella group, 
94-97: President 95-96, Public 
Relations Rep. 96-97; Admissions 
Volunteer 96; Orientation Leader 

"Every woman can be equal to 
men if we have brains and if we 
have money. But no man can 
become equal to woman in love 
and the ability to show service." 
-Mother Theresa 

Michelle L. Taylor 

Finance; Marketing minor 
Brookline, MA 

Economics Liaison Vice 
President; Student Finance Board; 
Art & Music Liaison President. 

Kersten L. Theberge 

Lawrence, MA 


"When the outside world seems 
difficult to take, and the stress in 
your life becomes overwhelming, 
look inside for your strength." 

Jennifer Michelle Sweet 

Public Relations- Marketing 
Communications- Open-Writing 
Bucksport, ME 

Transfer from Framingham State 
College 1996, Culture in Effect 
Secretary 95-96, Resident Advisor 
Fall 95 (FSC); Theatrical Society 
House Manager Spring 97. 
The only way to change a 
prejudice mind is to change the 
way you think and teach. 
"There is nowhere you can go 
and only be with people who are 
like you. Give it up." 
-Bernice Johnson Reagon 

Kimberly M. Taylor 

Sociology- Health Services 
Jamaica Plain, MA 

Simmons Community Outreach 
Vice President; Transfer Liaison. 

Stacey Taylor 

Upton, MA 

Transfer Liaison President. 

Victoria Abby Thorpe 

Grafton, MA 


Jennifer A. Tunick 

Art History 
Allston, MA 

Kayda Somerset Logan Valone 

Psychology- Sociology 
Fremont, OH 

Amy L. Veasie 

Management of Information 
Systems; Math & Finance minor 
Boxboro, MA 

Math/CS Liaison 
"What really matters is what you 
do with what you have." 
-Shirley Lord 

Hlinu> IMfeSt 

Linda A. Veneziale 

Watertown, MA 

Commuter Student Org 94-97: 
CSO Publicity Rep 97; Commuter 
Student Advisor 96-97; Simmons 
Ambassador 96; Nursing 
Anatomy and Chemistry tutor 95- 
96; Orientation Leader 95-97; 
Orientation Coordinator 96; 
Campus Activities Board 96-97; 
Nursing Liaison 94-98, President 

To all my friends: "Although our 
lives will take us in different 
directions, our friendship will 
bring us home." -unknown 

Heather A. Walsh 

Maiden, MA 






Caren Faye Veneer 

Greenwich, CT 

Thanks Mom, Eric and Erwin. 
Economics Liaison. 

Amy H. Viehmann 

Physical Therapy 
Cape Porpoise, ME 

PT Liaison VP; PT Class Rep; 
Simmons Ambassador; Dean's 
List; Volunteer in Rehab Dept. at 
Deaconess. With love to my 
family, Mom, Dad, Greg, Danny, 
to my friends and to Brian. 
"Judge your success by the 
degree that you're enjoying peace 
health, love and happiness." - 
unknown. Thank you Mom & 
Dad for your love, involvement, 
and support in my college career. 
I wouldn't have succeeded so 
greatly without all of your help! 

Kristina D. Walton 

Reston, VA 

"Vision is the art of seeing things 
invisible." -Jonathan Swift 
Art and Music Liaison; English 
Liaison; Sidelines; Trinity College 
Dublin; Dublin University 
Orienteering; Trinity Arts 

"The graceful Georgian streets 
and squares, a series of steel 
engravings under a wet 
sky... Dublin Is My Sure Thing" 
from Life Magazine, 1996 

Anna-Joy Weber 

Norwell, MA 

Varsity Crew; Psychology 
Liaison; Outing Club. 
"Maybe it's for me to determine, 
Maybe I am like a book on a 
shelf, Read me once and tell me 
how I am, Because I'm singing 
and a searchin' for myself." -SF 
To everyone who has been there 
during the search, thank you for 
your friendship and the giving of 
yourself. Good luck to you all! 
What a trip it's been! 

Alice L. Wong 

Chemical Management 
Brighton, MA 

Amy B. Woolwich 

Vernon, CT 

Sally C. Yon 

Newton, MA 

Economics Liaison: President, 
Vice President; Simmons Voice 
Business Manager; Finance Board; 
Sophomore Class Secretary; 
Model United Nations; Student/ 
Faculty Banquet Co-Chair; 
Coopers & Lybrand 


Dawn C. Wilson 


New Bedford, MA 

Special thanks to Gram & Pup & 
most of all, my Mom. 

Andrea Moylai Wong 

Elementary Education-Sociology 
Roslindale, MA 

Dean's List; Academy. 
"I choose to live by choice, not by 
chance; To make changes, not 
excuses; To be motivated, not 
manipulated; To be useful, not 
used; To excel, not compete. I 
choose self-esteem, not self-pity. 
I choose to listen to the inner 
voice, Not the random opinion of 
others." -unknown 

Kara J. Wortman 

Physical Therapy 
Bennington, VT 

Kristine M. Young 

Belmont, MA 

Management Liaison Secretary 4/ 
97-5/98; Amnesty IntT Secretary 
9/95-12/95; Class of 1998 
member 9/96-5/98; Dining Hall 
Committee 9/96-5/97. 
Thanks-Mum, Dad, Pam, Billy - 
for all the support. I made it! 
Now its my turn to go out into 
the world! Good Luck M.C. and 
S.A. JD - love you lots, thanks!" 
"We need time to dream, time to 
remember... time to be." -G. Taber 


Adventures We've Had 

% % % 

Simmons in Cordoba '97 

"Simmons in Cordoba, Spain is an academic 
program in which students are immersed 
directly into the Spanish Culture. Some of 
the most enriching experiences were: 
Forming friendships with professors, families 

and friends, 
Visiting one of the world's largest cathedrals 

in Sevilla, Spain, 
Visiting La Alahambra, the former home of 

past Spanish rulers, in Granada, Spain 
Visiting La Mezquita, a place of worship 

belonging to the three dominant 

cultures; the Muslims, Christians and 

Jews during the period in which they 

ruled/' -Candice Caines 

Valerie Bondola, Melissa Hasletine, 
and Candice Caines pose under a 
tower at La Mezquita. 

Before the final... Valerie Bondola, 
Joya Oasin, Kelly Driscoll, Melissa 
Hasletine, Candice Caines, and Alison 
Sweeny (clockwise from top left) 

The group poses for a shot before 
heading out for a night on the town. 

Valerie Bondola and Candice Caines catch a breeze at 
a fountain after a long visit to La Alahambra. 



Class President Susan Antonelli and OL 
Stacey Taylor pause during Orientation. 

Vice President Jennifer 
Herzog hanging in the 
Commuter Lounge. 

Jennifer Nelson, 
Co-Chair of 
Legacy Week- 
end, attends a 
meeting for The 
Simmons Voice. 

Lexie Bishop, 
Co-Chair of 
Legacy Week- 
end, visits with 
friend Natasha 

Secretary Suzanne Ronkin and Com- 
mencement Speaker Chair and Newslet- 
ter Editor Beth Jendro are relaxing at the 
98 Days Left Party. 

Nicole St. Clair, 98 Days Left 
Party Chair and Commencement 
Ball Co-Chair, and her buddy 
Clif have some fun. 


Gina Hill, Chair of the Senior- 
Faculty Toast, working at the 
Student Activities Info Desk. 

Michelle Taylor and Sally Yon, Co- 
Chairs of the Senior-Faculty Banquet, 
pose with Masato Aoki at the 
Economics Liaison Picnic. 

Keri Moss, Co-Chair of Senior 
Week, and Jill Ogasian working 
hard at Orientation. 

Young, Co- 
Chair of 
Senior Week, 
sits with 

Veneer at the 
98 Days Left 

Erin Henry (bottom left), Co-Chair of 
Male Role Model Weekend, clowns 
around with her friends on CAB. 

Shauna Laprel (middle), Co-Chair 
of the Commencement Ball, gets 
all dolled up with friends Annie 
Petrozzelli and Chandra Tallman. 


Remember When 

Class section 

Live Up To It: 

The other classes of Simmons College have gone through a lot 
as well. Here you will find some of the up and coming success 
stories, the students on the brink of discovery. These women 
are continually growing and changing with each new experi- 
ence. They now set out to meet the expectations set for them, 
and continue past them on to great things. 







'j^J**' 1 

ClASS oF 1999 

The Class of 1999 began the year with a big 
sister/little sister dinner which involved the 
Junior and Freshman class. We attending an 
Italian comedy wedding together. In Janu- 
ary, we had four psychics come to Quadside 
to tell us all about our mystifying future. 
The class continued a Simmons tradition by 
hosting the Junior/Senior Toast. To pay 
tribute to our Seniors we held a fund-raising 
event entitled, "Kiss a Senior Good-bye." 
This fund-raiser included selling Hershey 
Kisses with a message of luck to a Senior. 
The Class of 1999 is looking forward to our 
Senior Year with high hopes as the graduat- 
ing class of the Centennial! 


Anne Brochu is busy making 
phone calls. 

The Class Council: (top) 

Melissa Deasy, President; Carrie 
Gardner, Vice President; Donna 
Pina, Treasurer; and Christine 
Scripps, Secretary. 

Jen Meister and Amanda LeFort 
showing some female bonding. 


IS J (JkJ L L'» . Adrienne Smith, postwoman, is sorting mail for 

the residence campus students. 

Shaneek Johnson is hanging out 
in her room. 

Alexis Maislen is 
concentrating on her 
computer screen. 

Kelly O'Connell is 
happy to get a chance to 
relax for a moment. 

Donna Irish is 
contemplating course 
selections with a pal. 

Carrie Gardner at 
work in the Student 
Activities Office. 


The Class of 2000 Council: 
President Soojie Hwang, 
Senator Sarah 
Christopherson, Vice Presi- 
dent Varina Gunn, Senator 
Leah Fuhrman-Fell, Secre- 
tary Jessica Cantelo, and 
Treasurer Ramsey Alwin 

For the 1997/1998 school 
year, the Class of 2000 has 
planned and organized a 
variety of activities for Sim- 
mons students to attend. 
During Halloween they ven- 
tured to Salem, the class co- 
sponsored a Psychic Night at 
Quadside, traveled to the 
Wang Center to watch Miss 
Saigon, sold college hockey 
tickets [UMAINE at Orono vs. 
North Eastern], and held a 
candy sale. To finish the 
year, the class will sponsor 
May Day, an annual event at 
Simmons College, in which 
students dance around a 
decorated may pole for the 
celebration of Spring. 

Manorock (Rocky) 
Somviengxay concentrates 
on her chemistry lab. 

These three Arnold 
Hall residents are 
squeezing in to show 
off their smiles. 

These students 
are taking a 
lunch to do some 
Bartol bonding. 

Colleen Walther is all geared 
up for the soccer game. 

Kelly Hanlon and Nikki Peltz are 
good buddies and roommates. 

Biology lab has these 
students very busy. 

Laju Ogedenbe and Latasha 
Taylor do the hokey-pokey. 

Elaine Dalton 
and friends catch 
some lunch. 


2001 Class Council 

Sitting: President Mindy Paulo, Treasurer 
Nipha Saeteng, Vice President Selena 
Strader, Secretary Amy Fragola Standing: 
Senator Jessica Shaw and Senator Jennifer 

reshman Vanessa Bambara and 
ake a break to enjoy the flowers. 


Freshman Faith Yacubian grabs a snack. 

The Freshman Class Council has got quite a busy year ahead: a 
flower sale during Family Weekend, a trip to Spooky World with 
the Juniors, Spirit Week in November, the Winter Wonderland 
Dinner. And that's just the first semester! Who said Freshmen 
aren't hard workers?? 

Jaime Conley and Allison Palmsten enjoying orien- 


Student life section 

Learn To Live: 

Living arrangements at college provide their own lessons to 
learn. Whether it's working out differences with new room- 
mates or fighting over the car with parents, there are many situ- 
ations to encounter. Learning to deal with these simple things 
provides a basis for future understanding. Of course, the little 
surprises can be nice, like meeting a new student during tea or 
the time that special friend meets you at the train station. 









Ljj }Ljj 

Year built: 1951 

Residence Director: Gail Justino 

Residence Advisors: Beth Jendro, Heather Corkins, Rebecca 

Hall Council: Heather Hancock (President), Kristin Bala (Vice- 
President), Jackie Mann (Secretary), Kimberly Bacon (Treasurer), 
Alicia Cook, (Social Chair), Soojie Hwang (Social Chair), Whitney 
Murray (Publicity Rep.), Mariah Sylvain (Publicity Rep.), Bethany 
Geiger (J-Board Rep.) 

Memorable Events: Tie-dye tea, Toys for Tots, All hall Thanksgiv- 
ing dinner, Trip to Martha's Vineyard, S' mores, Trick-or-Treating 

Beth Jendro and Lauren Shultz 
give their biggest smiles. 

Even the Hall Council 
President ha£ to do laundry. 



Getting ready for 
a night out. 

Off to the showers. 








Year built: 1953 

Residence Director: Katina Kouripines 

Residence Advisors: Adrienne Smith, Gwen Marshak, Leticia Cruz 
Hall Council: Trisha Wint (President), Laju Ogendengbe (Vice-Presi- 
dent), Giovanna Zaffina (Secretary), Michelle Rathbone (Treasurer), Amy 
Virgilio (Social Chair), Caitlin Tierney (Social Chair) 
Memorable Events: Pumpkin carving with Dan Cheever, Food basket 
drive for women's shelter, All hall tea, Art exhibition in Alumnae hall, 
Trip to Salem 

The Dix Hall building. 

A room all snazzed up for the 
room decorating contest. 

Floormates smile and pile onto 
the bed for a picture. 

Dix Hall residents can relax 
in the lounge. 







LJ 1 



Year Built: 1938 

Residence Director: Shantanette Patrice 

Residence Advisors: Jennifer Chyten 

Hall Council: Christine Desire (President), Jennifer Chyten (Acting 

Vice-President), Katelyn Caffelle (Treasurer), Shauna Laprel (Secretary). 

y Evans Hall, the Senior dorm. 

The Hall Council sits in front of the 
fireplace in the living room. 


S'mores Night outside 
of Evans Hall gets 
seniors glowing. 

Jen Chyten plays the piano, while Shantanette 
Patrice listens and enjoys the tunes. 







L=4 1 

I — 1 

Year built: 1961 

Residence Director: Karyn Johnson 

Residence Advisors: Jennifer Shuart, Dilaila Maldonado, Merin 

Hall Council: Sylvia Coburn (President), Danielle Bedard (Vice-Presi- 
dent), Carly Gartman (Secretary), Maria Anderson (Treasurer), Robin 
Drysdale (Social Chair), Laura Hornik (Social Chair), Katherine 
Armoutsoglou (J-Board Rep.), Mimi Li (Issues Rep.), Carrie Feldman 
(Publicity Rep.) 

Memorable Events: Holiday Winter Party, Halloween Party, Mesick 
Day at Fenway Park 

Clowning around outside 
Mesick' s front door. 


^fM: -'y 

». " 


The residents on a day trip. 

The Mesick 
Hall Council 
gets together 
to plan some 
hall activities. 

A Mesick room all dolled up. 








Year built: 1964 

Residence Director: Karen Dickinson 

Residence Advisors: Rebecca Foster, Michele Bourgeois, Alexis 
.j . Hall Council: Kendellynn Cavanaugh (President), Joy 

1 llQVltTl Cancellieri (Vice-President), Julie Parenteau (Secretary), Megan 

Herald (Treasurer), Jenn Hall (Social Chair), Nina Ware (Social 
Chair), Erica Mantone (Publicity Rep.), Kristina Falcner (J-Board 

Memorable Events: Revolution soccer game, Fall hike in New 
Hampshire, Trip to Salem, Penny Wars, Root Beer Float Social, 
Comedy Night 

Ginger Bread house construction 
Smith Hall residents spend the day at during floor snacks 

Fenway Park as extras to a movie filming. 



% T or fit 

Community Service 
Floor is heading out to 
the Walk for Diabetes. 


Smith Hall Council celebrates a semester of 
hard work with a dinner. 





1 iri 

A N 

Lj ILj 




Year built: 1905 

Resident Director: Lisa Mazzariello 

Resident Advisors: Moira McTigue, Sarann Nuon, and Candice Caines. 

Hall Council: Jen Lussier (President), Caitlin Barritt (Vice President), 

Christine Dube (Secretary), Latasha Taylor (Treasurer), Shelley Pokorney 

(Social Chair), Meg Daley, (J-Board Representative),Valerie O'Connor 

(Wellness Representative), Elizabeth Papagni (Wellness Representative) 

Memorable Events: Healthy Fest barbecue, Rock-climbing, "Regression" 

nights, Mr. Simmons contest 

South' s Hall Council meeting in the 
Living Room. 

Suzanne Ronkin and Heidi 
Deschamps play a little hide and seek. 

Elizabeth Papagni, 
one of the hall 
Wellness Reps., 
i coming down the 

Ivy having too much fun to be doing 
some homework. 



The Commuter Student Advisors 

In this country, approximately 83% of all 
college students commute to campus. Out of 
this percentage are the Simmons students 
who make their way through the streets of 
Boston every day to attend classes. To make 
others aware of commuter student needs the 
Commuter Student Organization created 
Commuter Student Awareness Week. 

On October 22, 1997 Commuter Student 
Awareness Week, themed "Route to Success", 
kicked off to emphasize and recognize the 
number of students at Simmons who com- 
mute. Events include a stress workshop led 
by Professor Monahon of the Psychology 
Department, a commuter issues discussion 
panel, and an information table located in 
the Fens lobby. During the school year the 
Commuter Student Organization also has 
monthly coffees in the Commuter Lounge, 
and a Commuter Student Advisor (CSA) 
reception where new and returning students 
can meet other commuters and enjoy a bit of 


Studying between 
classes in the 
Commuter Lounge. 

After everyone has gone home, things in the 
commuter lounge can get pretty spooky. 

The MBTA serves as transportation for many 
commuter students. 

The lounge helps commuters who 
may have a long commute home. 




Over the summer, major changes were made to both Bar- 
tol Hall and the Fens Cafeteria. The renovations were 
geared towards making the food service areas at Simmons 
more comfortable and eye appealing. 

0iU ( 

Bartol Renovations Quotes: 

• I think it is a classier environment. More modern. - Julie 

The new Bartol is beautiful • but needs more food 
choices. Where are the Lucky Charms? - Jen Meister 

I think the layout is confusing. The ketchup is on one 
side and the mustard is on the other. - Kelli Hanlon 

• Stir-Fry? - Erica Mantone 

• I think its better but I want real ice-cream. - Nora Erick- 


Organization section 

Living On The Edge: 

For those students who get involved with Student Activities, an 
extreme respect for time management is almost inevitable. Or- 
ganization members know the times when they sat in the office 
until 2 am, sucking down cans of caffeine, and putting the finish- 
ing touches on that crucial event. Those students also know the 
huge sigh of relief as an event is deemed a success. These are 
dedicated students who give up the extra hours to make the col- 
lege a little brighter. 





Spotlight on 
the Black Student 

In the '97 Fall semester, the 
Black Student Organization 
held numerous events, both 
social and educational, for 
the Simmons and Boston 
communities, starting with 
their annual Sadie Hawkins 
Jam on November 1st. On 
the fifteenth of November, 
BSO brought back alumns 
for a Soul Food Dinner 
where current black students 
attending Simmons could 
discuss topics with women 
working in their area of 
interest, such as job finding 
strategies within their field. 
November 16th was also a 
day committed to student 
success at the Black Student 
Network. At this event, 
other Black Student 
Organization's from the 
Boston area were welcomed. 
Other activities BSO sched- 
uled for the Fall semester 
included a co- sponsored 
dance with OLA, a fashion 
show, the Ebony Ball, and 
their first Poetry Jam. 

Smmkts \ftMv.SW vi\w* ,<t i.j<:»- f ,^, 

Asian Students Association 

The officers of the Black 
Student Organization are as 

Adrienne Smith (President), 
Michelle Vital (Vice Presi- 
dent), Jadine Greenaway 
(Secretary), Sherri Ann Felix 
(Co -Social Chair), Hailey 
Richardson (Co- Social Chair), 
Tanisha Ramsey (Sister of 
Education), Latasha Taylor 
(Sister of the Little Black 
Book), Trisha Wint (Alumni 
Representative), and Tara 
Madison (Representative to the 


Active multicultural organiza 

include: Asian Student Association, Black 
Student Organization, Carribbean Cultural 
Association, Hellenic Association, International 
Student Association, & Organizacion Latinoamericana 



The Hellenic 
members represent 

OLA members 
at a bake sale in 
the Fens. 

the Asian Student' 

The purpose of Asian 
Students Association is 
to promote Asian 
cultural awareness 
within the Simmons 
community, to form 
friendships among 
Asian students here at 
Simmons and other 
colleges in the area, and 
to contribute to the 
Boston community as a 
whole. Some events 
sponsored by ASA are: 
Intercollegiate Dance/ 
Karaoke Night, a New 
Year Festival, and Pot- 
luck Dinners, an Asian 
Awareness Week includ- 
ing a cooking demo, an 
info table,lectures, 
workshops, displays, 
movies, a fashion 
show, and more. 

The ASA members are: 
Sophia Kim, Heather, 
Linh Diep, Christina 
Shay, Gee Ling (Agnus) 
Lai, Ayako Honda, and 
Jungwhe Moon. 

The International Student Association 


Spotlight on 
Campus Crusade 
for Christ 

Campus Crusade for 
Christ is an inter- 
denominational Christian 
ministry affiliated with 
Boston's chapter of 
Campus Crusade for 
Christ and area churches 
The organization is 
designed to help 
interested students learn 
more about Christianity 
and deal with issues 
facing college students 
from a Christian 
perspective. We strive to 4 ' 
help our members grow 
spiritually through 
weekly Bible Study, 
prayer, and church 
attendance. We aim to 
educate the Simmons 
community through 
movies, discussions, 
speakers, etc. Campus 
Crusade for Christ also 
attends retreats, 
conferences, and weekly 
social events at Harvard 
with other area Campus 
Crusade for Christ 


Members of the Campus Crusade for Christ have 
fun at a Halloween party. 

The CCC members 
in costume. 

Catholic Student 
Association members 
on the trip to 
LaSallette Shrine 

Active religious organizations 

include Catholic Student Association, Campus 
Crusade for Christ, and Hillel 



Campus Crusade for 
Christ members 

Hillel pauses a 
meeting for a 

CSA members 
enjoy the holiday 


the Catholic 
Student Association' 

The Catholic Student 
Association began this year i 
with a strong start. Sister 
Julie, head of the CSA, and 1 
other members of the 
organization created 
'movie night'. Every 
month, a new movie is 
shown that deals with a hot' 
issue. One such film was 
Dead Man Walking. Fol- 
lowing the film was a 
discussion about issues 
within the movie. Not only 
does the CSA have movie 
nights, but guest speakers 
and prayer services are hek 
during the course of the 
year. These activities do 
not exclude non-members 
of the 

organization. Also, in the 
fall and spring, a retreat is 
scheduled in Craigville, 
Cape Cod where the group 
shares personal prayers and] 
learns methods of praying 
for personal growth and 
relaxation. Ending a busy 
first semester, the CSA 
sponsored a trip to 
LaSallette Shrine in 
Attleboro, MA where 
students could walk around i 
and view beautiful 
Christmas lights. 

The College Republican Officers 


Spotlight on 
the College 

The College Republicans 
were founded in the fall of 
1996 by a few students 
who wanted a political 
voice on campus. The 
organization has had a 
slow beginning at 
Simmons College, but is 
now thriving. For 
example, last April the 
College Republicans were 
recognized as an 
organization by the 
Student Government 

This year they have held 
events to increase the 
awareness of their voice on 
campus. In November, the 
Republicans had a speaker 
come to Simmons, in 
recognition of Election 
Day, and in February, held 
a Political Awareness 
Dance in Alumnae Hall. 
The College Republicans 
are increasing their voices 
around campus and hope to 
become an organization 
students will be drawn to 
in coming years. 

Model United 
Nations at a 

(Above left): 
SFE member 

The College 
Republicans on 
Election Day. 

Active political organizations 

include: College Republicans, Simmons 
Democrats, Model United Nations, Students For the 
Environment, and the Debate team 


Model United 


The Debate Team 

Students for the 
Bake Sale 

Spotlight on 
Students for the 

Students for the 
Environment seeks to 
make the Simmons 
community aware of the 
environmental issues that 
affect the college as an 
institution and it's commu- 
nity. Our organization's 
goals include actively 
educating the Simmons 
College Community about 
environmental concerns 
and conserving our planets 
resources. Our main focus 
has been our attempt to 
work with the College to 
establish a permanent 
recycling program on both 
the residence and main 
campuses. The current 
recycling program is a 
work in progress and 
further improvements 
continue to be made. In 
our last two years of 
existence, our members 
have also been working 
together to create what we 
hope will be an annual 
Earth Day celebration each 


Spotlight on 
the Simmons 


Simmons Chorale is the 
student singing group 
which is directed by Susan 
Emannouilidies. We sing 
a wide variety of music 
from foreign language to 
jazz and a capella to 
accompanied pieces. The 
97-98 school year was 
especially exciting because 
of our successful concerts 
and growth in numbers. 

Our first concert was in 
Bartol Hall during the 
Winter Wonderland 
Dinner. The annual winter 
concert was held on 
December 13 in Alumnae 
Hall. The guest harpist 
made it especially 
memorable. The Spring 
concert in April was filled 
with wonderful American 
jazz and Broadway music. 
We also took a trip to New 
York City, which was a lot 
of fun and a much needed 

From left to right: Rachel Aronson, Rebecca 
Rice ( modern teacher), Diedre Johnson, 
Tamara Williamson, and Lisa Gentes. 

The Dance Club 
in action. 

Siren pals Erin Henry 
and Charity Cox 

Dance Club 


"A Chorus 



include: The Sirens, Chorale, Dance Club, and 
Simmons Theatrical Society 


The Theatrical Production 

The Sirens gather 
around the piano. 

Chorale on the 
Alumnae Hall Stage 

The Sirens show many 
versatile performance 


on the Dance 

There are numerous women 
in the Simmons Community 
who express their interest in 
dance through The Dance 
Club. These women are: 
Rachel Aronson (President), 
Jessi Krause (Vice Presi- 
dent), Jadine Greenaway 
(Treasurer), Melissa Deasy 
(Secretary), Amy Johnson 
(Concert Director), Julie 
Machae (Concert Director), 
Beth Fleurant (Concert 
Producer), Lisa Gentes 
(concert Producer), Kate 
Jenkins, Jamie Conley, 
Nicole Sweeney, Erin 
Phelan, Christine Dahlgren, 
Nanci Trivers, Mindy 
Paulo, Keri Moss, Danielle 
Lussier, Anna Gilbert, 
Tamara Williamson, 
Jeorgina Maetbie, Allison 
Mc Guire, Lisa Cormier and 
Janette Hernandez. 

During the Fall semester, 
the Dance Club has 
performed at Family 
Weekend and at the 
Simmons Community 
Outreach' s Halloween Party 
for children. In the Spring 
they are planning to per- 
form at Culture Fest and a 
tentative date has been set 
for their Spring concert. 

Spotlight on 

BACCHUS, a student 
run group focusing on 
alcohol awareness, ran 
many activities and alcohol 
education programs during 
the 97-98 school year. In 
the fall semester, Alcohol 
Awareness week was a 
huge success. It had many 
programs and activities, 
including mocktails, which 
were served in the Fens and 
in Bartol Hall (mocktails 
are non-alcoholic 
daiquiris). Faces are 
painted white during 
"Ghost Out Day", a day of 
remembrance for people 
killed by drunk drivers. 
BACCHUS also had a 
fundraising car wash in the 
MCB parking lot and 
holiday toy drive. 

The members of 
BACCHUS are as follows: 
Jenifer Shuart (President), 
Emily Parkhurst (Vice 
President), Michele 
Bourgeois (Treasurer), 
Gwen Marshak (Secretary), 
Katie Wright (Public 
Relations), Beth Mahoney 

Quadside Committee 


Campus Activities 
Board's Fall Fest 



Active programming 
organizations include: Quadside 

Committee, Campus Activities Board, BACCHUS 


CAB members at 
! various events 

Committee Events! 


• co- sponsored Psychic Night 

• singer, musician Martha 



• band Housedaddies 

• Wayne Canney 

• movie - Dirty Dancing 

• co-sponsored Pumpkin 



• co- sponsored with 

Multicultural Aids 
Advisory Committee 

• Open Mike Night 

• Sunday Sundaes and The 

Disney Family Movie 


• Stress Free Zone 


• co- sponsored Psychic Night 

• movie - Ferris Bueller's Day 



• reggae band Dub Station 

• Clothing Swap 

• co-sponsored R&B band 



• movie - Real Guiness 

• Women's Talent Night 


• Comedian 
co- sponsored KaraokeNight 


Spotlight on 

Simmons Community Outreach 


Simmons Community 
Outreach (S.C.O.) is a student 
run community service 
organization dedicated to 
promoting community service 
and social activism within the 
Simmons community. This is 
done by holding one day 
community service events 
and by offering the Simmons 
community the chance to 
volunteer on a regular basis 
with any one of our six areas 
of outreach: education/youth; 
elderly; environment; health; 
homeless; and women's 
issues. Some of our annual 
events include: Days of 
Community Service; The 
Walk for Women's Welfare; 
The Safe Halloween Party; 
Pot Holders for a Purpose; 
Hats for the Homeless; 
Valentine's Day Ball for the 
Elderly; Daffodil Days; 
Springing Women Forward; 
and Environmental Aware- 
ness Week. 

The members are as 
follows: Meredith Albert, 
Kate Allen, Rachal Aronson, 
Judy Botelho, Amy Dall, 
Robin Drysdale, Melissa 
Haseltine, Tammy Holden, 
Samantha Kezer, Christine 
Kosirog, Crista Lucarelli, 
Beth Morse, Jean O'Brien, 
Kim Sosny, Kim Taylor, 
Sana Ayubi, & Lisa Harrison. 

Scenes from SCO's Halloween 
Party for children 

Simmons Community Outreach, Commuter Student 
Organization, Outing Club, and Transfer Liaison 


Outreach is tough work! 

ght on 
the Outing Club 

The Outing Club is for 
all students who enjoy 
occasionally getting out 
of Boston to explore the 
great outdoors. This 
year the Outing Club 
took its first overnight 
camping trip in the 
White Mountains. They 
braved the steep hike to 
witness a beautiful 
sunset and make their 
traditional s' mores. The 
Outing Club also made a 
day hike to Mount 
Monadnock in New 
Hampshire and 
attempted rock climbing 
this fall. This winter 
they are hosting a 
weekend ski trip to 
Wachusett Valley (MA) 
and plan to go canoeing 
this spring. 


Spotlight on 
the Student 

Student Government 

First semester, the Student 
Government Association worked 
very closely with the Simmons 
Community in making changes in^ 
the dining services. The students 
feel the service is too expensive 
and the quality of food is not 
sufficient. At the end of the 
semester, we held a boycott of 
the Fens to allow students to take 
a stand. Overall, the outcome of 
the boycott was great. The 
faculty and staff members were 
very supportive. 

During the beginning of the 
second semester, the five 
members of SGA Executive 
Board (Regina Hill-President, 
Sharise Brown- Vice President, 
Keri Moss-Student Affairs 
Officer, Adrienne Smith- 
Academic Affairs Officer, Elaine 
Dalton-Secretary) were invited to 
the North East Regional Student 
Government Conference at 
Plymouth State College in New 
Hampshire. Here SGA partici- 
pated in a debate, worked with 
different colleges and universities t 
on workshops and roundtable 
discussions on how to improve 
and empower the student body. 

The Student Government is 
planning for elections for the 
1998-99 school year in March, 
and our annual Women's College 
Week in April. Women's 
College Week will be filled with 
guest speakers, information 
tables, and many other exciting 
events. We anticipate that the 
Simmons Community will 
participate a great deal. 

The SGA 
Board on a 

if III i Li 

The Student 



Procedure in 

Mock Senate 
Meeting during 
Family Weekend 


* # 

Eboard breaks 
out the dance 

1997-98 SGA 

Spotliglhft on 
Student Advisors 


The 1997-1998 committee is 
comprised of 6 members; S. A.M. ( 
Chairwoman: Laju Ogedengbe, 
Advisor of Programming/ 
Public Relations: Mindy Paulo, 
Advisor of Finances: Sommer 
Austin, Advisor of Documents 
and Academia: Lucinda Berardi, 
Advisors of Recreation: Kate 
Ahern and Jennifer Howard. 
These and future committee 
members are continuously 
trained in the areas of conflict 
resolution and multicultural 
awareness issues. 

S.A.M. is a committee under 
the Student Government Asso- 
ciation, whose primary focus is 
to promote and encourage, 
through events and program- 
ming, a campus in which the 
diversity of students is met with 
understanding. S.A.M. oversees 
issues concerning religion, race, 
sexuality, and culture for the 
senate of the Student Govern- 
ment Association. S.A.M. 
attends the weekly student 
government meetings and gives 
a standing committee report 
about the state of the student 
body and activities during the 

This year's S.A.M. committee 
members attended a conference 
called "Multi-Ethnic Perspec- 
tives," and several organiza- 
tional meetings in order to hear 
particular issues organizations 
have faced, and have offered 
support to those organizations 
by extending S.A.M' s assistance. 


Spotlight on 
the Economics 

The Economics Liaison 
has received the 
Outstanding Liaison 
Award for the past two 
years. Along with the 
liaison, Advisor Masato 
Aoki received the 
Outstanding Advisor 
Award for the 1996/1997 

The Economics 
Liaison attempts to 
promote faculty student 
interaction, explore the 
importance of economics 
in society and encourage 
student leadership within 
academics and 
community activities. 

For the 1997/1998 
school year, the 
Economics Liaison has 
participated in the 
following activities: a 
T-shirt contest and sale, 
movie night along with a 
pot luck dinner, penny 
wars, accompanying 
Simmons Community 
Outreach to the Ronald 
McDonald House for 
craft day, a career night 
co-sponsored with 
Management and Math/ 
Computer Science 
Liaisons and an end of 
the year barbecue. 

Philosophy Liaison 


Economics Liaison BBQ 


Management Liaison Math /Computer Science Liaison 

Active liaisons include: Chemistry, Economics, 
Psychology, Math /Computer Science, Nutrition, 
Psychobiology, Education, Philosophy, Management, Nursing, 
Sociology, Political Science, English, Art, Music, Physical 
Therapy, Biology /Pre-Med, and History 

Nursing Liaison: 

Linda Veneziale (Pres), 
Rebecca Campbell (VP), 
Donna Mongeau (Treas), & 
Tracey Bergeron (Sec) 

Psychology Liaison: 

Abigail Callaway (Pres), 
Heather Corkins (VP), Anna- 
Joy Weber (Treas), & Heidi 
Deschamps (Sec) 

Economics Liaison: 

Sally Yon (Pres), Michelle 
Taylor (VP), Rachel Haase 
(Treas), & Sarah 
Christopherson (Sec) 

Nutrition Liaison: 

Joan Pelavia (Pres), Lauren 
Wolfes (VP), Debbie Suckney 
(VP), Laurene Caira (Treas), 
Colleen McLeen (Sec), & 
Becky Savinelli (Sec) 

Chemistry Liaison: 

Gilliane Joseph (Pres), 
Zahida Khan (VP), Yilin 
Shao (Treas), & Kathryn 
Schreiber (Sec) 


Education Liaison: 

Crista Lucarelli (Pres), 
Bridget McCarthy (Co-Pres), 
Sarah Dunbar (Treas), & 
Sylvia Coburn (Sec) 

ght on 
the Education 

One major concern for the 
Education Liaison is building 
community within the Education 
students and faculty at 
Simmons. This year the Liaison 
provided workshops and 
interactive activities to ensure 
the development of community 
here at Simmons. To start the 
semester off, the liaison held a 
breakfast with the Education 
faculty in Bartol Hall. This 
gave students from the 
department a chance to mingle 
and meet with their professors 
and other mentors in the 
department. Reinforcing the 
idea of community, a Big Sister 
Program was created among 
undergraduates and newly 
decided education majors. This 
program gives the new student 
an edge on what to expect in 
classes and a chance to have day 
to day questions answered from 
another students point of view. 
Not only did the Liaison co- 
sponsor a Halloween party for 
inner city students, which 
included candy, games and 
prizes, but they created several 
logos for the Education depart- 
ment during Education Week. 
The logos were printed on T- 
shirts and nylon jackets to 
publicize the liaison and the 
department. In the spring, mock 
interviews will be held to assist 
and prepare education students 
for real interviews within the 
field of education. 


Spotlight on 

Putting together a year- 
book takes a lot of hard 
work and patience. Trying 
to organize photographers, 
writers, layout designers, 
and paying the bills is 
difficult without throwing 
classes and other commit- 
ments into the mix. Even 
though the job becomes 
tedious, we all stick with it 
knowing the smiles we'll 
bring for years to come. 
The Microcosm is a little 
piece of history for Sim- 
mons College and for all 
the students; past, present 
and future. As they say, 
it's a tough job, but 
somebody's got to do it. 

Microcosm Staff 


The Simmons Voice Editor-in-Chief Jen Nelson 



The Simmons Voice Staff 

Active publication organizations include: 
Sidelines, The Simmons Voice, and Microcosm 


Beth Jendro, 



Nicole St.Clair, Microcosm Editor-in-Chief 

Spotlight on 

Sidelines is Simmons' art 
and literary magazine. It is 
a student run publication, 
produced each semester, 
that features the work of 
Simmons students in the 
areas of photography, 
poetry, artwork and prose. 
It's free to the community 
and values the diversity 
Simmons students have to 

Sidelines returned this 
year after a one year 
hiatus. The magazine 
offers students a great 
opportunity to have their 
works published before 
they graduate. 


Sports section 


Learn The Ropes: 

When that alarm goes off at 5 am, or the coach demands an- 
other set of crunches, these are the times our team players re- 
ally show their dedication. Simmons takes pride in its athletes. 
They devote their time to represent our college. We pat them 
on the back for their wins and console them in their losses. We 
appreciate them for the effort they give in every practice and for 
their strength in every competition. 




When we gather... it is the sisterhood of rowing, the comradeship of the oar that 
we recall. Eight women who trained together until they became a single drive, a 
single thrust of forward-flashing wrists propelling a boat forward. For us, there are 
no individual distinctions; the crew is one entity. The rattle of riggers at the finish, 
the music of the tide against the boat as it is shot between the strokes, the grim yet 
heartening sound of splendid and unbroken strength when all eight blades crashed 
in together. These are the things that no one who has heard and felt them will ever 
forget... -Sir Theodore Cook 

The 1997-1998 Crew team poses for a picture 
in front of the boat house. 

The team shows off their hard work to 
students and faculty. 

Crew team practices on the famous Charles 
River in Boston. 

Members of the team practice 
indoors before setting out on the 
Charles River. 



Two Simmons College players are right on the ball as 
an Emmanuel player tries to sweep it away. 

The Simmons Sharks soccer team 
closed up their season at Endicbtt 
College finishing second in the 
GNAC Conference. Prior to advanc- 
ing to the finals, Simmons defeated 
theEmmanuel Saints in tournament 
play by a score of 4-0. Simmons 
players agree that first year coach 
Christopher Baker has been super 
addition to the soccer program, 
leading the team to a 10 to 8 to 1 
overall record. 


Team members 
Alice-Beth Tierney 
and Megan Herald 
pose for the camera. 

Becky Caswell 
lines up for a 

The team patiently waits inside the Simmons 
College Sports Center. 

• •--• - * 


The Sharks started out a bit slow at the 
beginning of the season, but with seven 
members of the team taking short visits 
to the hospital in the first month, who 
would be surprised? The team dominated 
play for the rest of the regular season and 
ended up with a regular season record of 

The team is comprised of mostly 
freshmen and sophomores, four juniors, 
and only one senior. Senior Kelly 
McKeown, sophomore Cate Lees, and 
freshmen Meryl Latronica (Mary 
Catherine) were the prominent offensive 
line. Juniors, Ellis McKay and Nicole 
Canziani (Baby Blue), along with junior 
co-captain Jen Gillis, established a solid 
mid-field line. The tough defensive lines 
were anchored by co-captain Becca 
Wilmot (Claudia). Helping her in the 
backfield were sophomore backs, Jen 
Kleimon and Holly (Wally) Frisbee, 
sophomore sweeper Anne Peterson, and 
sophomore goalie Roxy Peters. Adding 
tremendous depth and strength to the team 
are junior, Amber Harrington, sophomores, 
Jen Cummings (Patricia), Tonya Lopes 
(Tonya, Tonya, Tonya), Kelly Gillis, and 
freshmen Angels Varcasio, Meredith 
Holmes, Katie Carbary, and Dawn Brown. 

Field Hockey 

The team is looking forward to the privilege 
of off-season play in indoor tournaments, and 
a successful season next year. 

Special Thanks to Trista 
Rajaratham and to Jasmine. 

The Field Hockey team poses 
for a shot on the Winsor fields. 

Pig Pile 



Assistant Coach Karen Krzywda, a 
former Simmons standout, was an asset 
in to develop great offensive technique. 

Michelle White came back in the role of Head Coach. 
Playing her college years for the B.U. Terriers, she has 
been able to share her expertise and skills with the team. 


The Tennis team, complete with coach and mascot 

The 1997 Simmons' tennis 
team welcomed a new coach, 
Elinor Ross. Bringing great 
enthusiasm and dedication to 
the Simmons tennis program, 
she led the team toward a 
successful season. With an 
overall record of 9-6, and a 
conference record of 6-2, the 
tennis team placed third in 
the Greater Northeast Athletic 

Danielle, Gargi, and 
Meaghan get psyched up 
at the GWA Conference 
Final Four. 

Tennis Team Roster 
3tacey Karacek Soph 
Laura Kastrenos* Sen 
Katelyn Caffelle* Sen 
Lisa Harrison* Jun 
Soojie Hwang Soph 
Suzanne Shaw Fres 
2argi Dasgupta Jun 
Danielle Lussier Fres 
Vleaghan Walsh Fres 

* denotes Captains 
Head Coach 

Elinor Ross 
Athletic Director 

Ali Kantor 
Head Athletic Trainer 

Darlene Moore 

Gargi and Soojie look ready to win! 


Lifelong Exercise 


Activities Program 

* E 1 

^^W ^!"^.:?:" ^B X ^W^MrS^k ^m X9 



Coach sets the team straight. 

This year's Simmons Volleyball 
team, led by coach Charles Smith 
and assistant coach Cheryl 
Carozza, finished 12-9 overall, 
and 6-3 in the Greater Northeast 
Athletic Conference. The team 
had a shaky start, but quickly 
turned things around with the 
first conference tri-match against 
Emerson and Rivier College. 
Each game after was an improve- 
ment, whether the team won or 
lost. By the end of the season, the 
volleyball team placed fourth in 
the GNAC. For the conference 
championships, the team trav- 
elled to West Hartford, CT to 
play Saint Joseph's College. 

The team gets 
into base 

Nikki Peltz serves up an ace. 

The Volleyball team: (L-R) 

Front row: Junior Co-Captains Megan Herald and Beth Blake 

Middle row: Sophomore Alice Beth Tierney, Freshman Jodi 

Gallagher, and Sophomore Esmeralda Jerez 

Back row: Coach Charles Smith, Junior Stephanie Baillargeon, 

Freshman Kristen Krammerer, Sophomore Nikki Peltz, 

Sophomore Jackie Mann, Assistant Coach Cheryl Corozza 


Swimming & Diving 

The 1997-1998 Swim & Dive team. 

A private 


for our 





There is intense concentration as the 
swimmers race down their lanes. 

The Simmons College Swimming 
and Diving team finished the 1997- 
1998 season with a record of 4-6, a 
first place finish at the Wheelock 
Invitational, and a third place finish 
at the Regis Invitational. First year 
head coach Doug Backlund and 
diving coach Cara Kelly are pleased 
with the turnout and dedication of 
this year's team. They are looking 
forward to continued success in the 
pool next year. 

And the race is on. 


The team sponsors a giveaway to 
raise money. 



Simmons Basketball coach Maureen McCormack 
believes that the '97-98 team "played the best basketball 
in the history of Simmons College." The upperclass 
players agree. Kristen "Tini" Lentini says, "We put 
things together this year more than we have in the past." 

One reason for the team's success is the strong leader- 
ship of the only senior, Ohuwa Furblur. "Ohuwa has 
been a role-model since we were freshmen. The building 
of our team can be greatly attributed to her. She will be 
missed," says Lentini. Another key element in this year's 
team came from uth strong freshman class. Kristin Mohr 
credits their presence as "the natural cohesion our team 
neecTeW^^^^^S7"Everyone brings their own unique 
aspects to the game allowing us to be very diversified." 

Highlights of the season include Kristin Mohr's rank in 
the top 20 of U.S.A. Today for assists. Kristen Lentini was 
ranked in the top 10 for field goal percentage. Erwin- 
Stewert was named Conference Rookie of the Week and 
Lentini was Conference Player of the Week. 

However, the greatest highlight was the way the team 
bonded. Marissa Leykam says, "This was a great group 
of people. We were always having fun and laughing." 
Senior Ohuwa Furblur says, "I will miss this group. It 
will be hard to let go." But, as freshman Kristen Roberts 
says, "It's not the shots or rebounds or certain games 
you'll remember, but your team-mates." 

- Karyn Johnson, Assistant Coach 

Ohuwa Furblur rips up the floor! 

Kristin Mohr dribbles down the court! 

Marissa Leykam blocks her 


The Basketball Team: (L-R) 

Front row: Marissa Leykam, Kristen Lentini, Kristen Roberts, 

Erica Garrett, and Norah Erwin-Stewert 

Back row: Coach Maureen McCormack, Suzy Amor, Kristin Mohr, 

Ohuwa Furblur, Jessica Cantelo, and Assistant Coach Karyn 


Student Athletes Council 

FBU 1 

Adviser: Ali Kantor, Director of Athletics 

Members for 1997-98 school year: Gwen Bradley (President), Meagan Carr (Vice President), Erica 
Garrett, Marisa Leykam, Jennifer Hall, Jennifer Gillis, Becca Wilmot, Suzy Amor, Rocky 
Somviengxay, Eilis McKay, Michelle Keohane, Stacey Karacek, Lisa Harrison, Ohuwa Furblur, 
Sarah Frost, Beth Blake, Megan Herald, Holly Frisbee, Alice Beth Tierney 

The council is made up of representatives from all nine varsity athletic sports teams: basket- 
ball, crew, field hockey, soccer, softball, swimming and diving, tennis, track, and volleyball. The 
purpose of the council is to serve as an advisory committee to the Department of Athletics. The 
group provides input, makes suggestions and recommendations, 
as well as assisting in programming for the athletic community. 
The council extends its efforts beyond the athletic teams in form- 
ing a connection between the student-athletes and the rest of the 
Simmons community. 

Activities of the council during the current year include the 
organization of the Fall Recognition Dinner which served as a 
way to wrap up the fall sports season and informally recognize 
the accomplishments made during the fall; sponsoring talks on 
subjects relevant to student-athletes; organizing the Adopt-a- 
Team program, in which faculty members could "adopt" a sports 
team and support them in the manner they wished, thereby 
creating a connection between academics and sports; forming a 
pep band to play at games; providing articles for The Simmons 
Voice on sports happenings; painting a new Team Room in the 
sports center; participating in a phone-a-thon for prospective 
students interested in playing a sport at the collegiate level; 
planning the Spring Awards Banquet at which all sports teams 
are recognized for their achievements throughout the year. 



Faculty and staff 

Live To Learn: 

For the faculty and staff of Simmons College, a huge Thank You 
is in order. As students come and go, they hold down the fort. 
The professors treat their work as more than just a job, making 
every effort to give the students a true education. All of Sim- 
mons staff show a genuine concern for students, giving that 
passing smile that we needed or that extra explanation after 
class. It's that extra mile that makes Simmons the success that it 





Daniel Cheever 

Assistant to the President 

Caroline Considine 


Office of the Dean For Student Life: 

(Back) Jen Rossetti, Tina Sutton, Colette Cuilin 

(Front) Assistant Dean for Student Life and Multicultural Affairs - Hilda 
Hernandez-Gravelle, Director of Programs - Lindsey Goodhue, Dean for 
Student Life - Sheila Murphy 

Dean of the College of Liberal Arts and 
Sciences and Professional Studies 

Chester Haskell 

Dean of the Faculty 

Karen Talentino 



Marie McHugh, Delia Scott 

Academic Support Center: 

Elizabeth Hamblet, Carolyn Holland, 
Josephine Shaddock, Andy Reyes, 
Anna Concepcion 

Admissions Office: 

(Back) Cheryl Fallon, Roisin O'Brien, 

Kathleen Mathews, 

(Middle) Shamikhah Dean, Maria 

McCarthy, Harriet Petrocelli 

(Front) Jane Fidler, Cynthia Rubino, Rene 

Agard, Deb Wright, Crissilla Parris 

African American Studies: 

Michael Weaver, Elizabeth Hadley, 
Janie Ward, Delia Scott, Becky Th- 
ompson, Marie McHugh 


Alumnae/Alumni Relations: 

Monica Key, Alcurtis Clark, Joyce 
Elden, Penny Redfield 

Art & Music: 

Dana Chandler, Anne Reid, Greg 
Slowik, Margaret Hanni, Bob 
Oppenheim, Vaughn Sills 


(Back) Arthur Skura, Victoria Gallo- 
way, Jane Lopalito, Jyl Cronin, Bruce 
Gray, Randi Lite 

(Front) Mary Owen, Sandra Williams, 
Karen Talentino 



Susan Gould, Tim McWilliams, Bill 
Nasson, Karem Lassus 

Career Services: 

Danielle Sutton, Elaine Goldman, 
Andy Petigny 


Leonard Soltzberg, James Piper, 
Peter Bowers, Micheal Kaplan, Iclal 
Hartman, Carolyn Spodick 



(Standing) Michelle Baxter, James 
Corcoran, Alden Wood, Bob White, 
Vaughn Sills, Deborah Smiley 
(Sitting) Derrick Jackson, Lynda Beltz 

Counseling Center: 

Jonathan Ehrenworth, Lourdes 
Rodriguez-Nogues, Louise Christian 


, ■ * ' \ 

Dix Scholars Office: 

Lynette Benton, Ava Carder, Rachel Strauss, 
Marcia Lagerwey-Commeret, 
Penny Redfield 

East Asian Studies: 

Masato Aoki, Marie McHugh, Jyoti Puri, 
Richard Lyman, Raj Thiruvengadam, 
Zachary Abuza, Zhigang Liu 



Masato Aoki, Carole Biewener, 
Barbara Sawtelle, Don Basch 

iL. ' nk'MB 


(Back) John Ameer, Al Rocci, Carole Chaet, Alice Van 
Duesen, Susan Garsoe, Lizette Eastman, Paul 
Abraham, Ann Edwards, Mary O'Leary, Shelia 
O'Mahoney, Sean Gummere, Janie Ward, Jill Taylor, 
Nina Senatore, Christine Tierney, Kellie Jones 
(Middle) Helen Guttentag, Kathleen Dunn, Jennifer 
Burkett-Picker, Liz Fleming 
(Front) Jane Hardin 


(Back) Lowry Pei, Bill Manly, Afaa M. 
Weaver, David Gullette, Eileen Cleere, 
Judith Wittenberg 

(Front) Delia Scott, Richard Wollman, 
Pamela Bromberg, Cynthia Grady 

Student Financial Aid: 

(Back) Brian Hodge, Barbara Layne, 
Tryphena Lawrence, Greta Methot, 
Mary Metcalf 
missing: Beth Bolles 

Foreign Languages: 

Zhigang Liu, Debbie Fraioli, Raquel 
Halty, Louise Cohen, Martha Marks, 
Maria Silvina Persino, Lola Pelaez- 
Benitez, Susan Keane 

i V i - A Jft 

fm m 5*1 m a w s 

m ¥ \ ft* W \ 


Richard Lyman, Laura Prieto, 
Keith Gorman, Marie McHugh, 
Zhigang Liui 


Institutional Advancement: 

(Back) Edith Ackerman, Patricia Maroni, Jeannie 

Brooks, Penny Redfield, Deborah Curran, Sarah 

O'Brien, Stephen Swain, Janet Miner, Mary Ellen 


(Front) Rebecca Yturregui, Christine Santos, Debra 

Coleman, Monica Key, Rachel Herf 


Joanie Gearin, Patty Durisin, Margeret Shue, Marilyn 
Bregoti, Ilze Olmsted, Donald Matheson, Harvey 
Varnet, Claire Goodwin, Cheryl Brigante, Mia Calivas, 
Elizabeth Donnelly, Linda Watkins, Susan Lieberthal, 
Anne Pardo, Jeff Pomerante, Selena Colburn, Paul 
Colombo, Charndra Williams, Christine Welch, Tracey 
Leger-Hornby, Gianna Gifford, Denise Davis, Daphne 
Harrington, Carol Demos, Vivienne Brady 


(Back) Alan Robinson, Joanne Dreher, 
Susan Sampson, Marlyn Gillis, Kristina 
Esch, Bruce Warren 
(Front) Lynda Moore, Kathleen 
Beuacqua, David Griswold, Bonita 

Math And Computer Science: 

Sue McNamara, Margeret Menzin, 
Michael Brown, David Browder, Bob 
Goldman, Donna Beers 



(Back) Kelly Fisher, Judy Paris, Cherly Noyes, 

Phyllis Moore, Penny Glynn 

(Middle) Michelle Phillips, Charlene Berube, 

Mary Segraves, Kamal Hijjazi 

(Front) Ann Kittler, Joan Jacobson, Carol 

Sherwood, Diane Osgood, Mary Stanick, 

Elizabeth Lamb 

I fl 

I I I 


Janet Lacey, Paul Taylor, Nancie 
Herbold, Kristy Hendricks 


Tsenay Serequeberhan, Diane Raymond, 
Sue Stafford, Raj Thiruvengadam 





Political Science And International Relations: 

Zach Abuza, Sharon Cooney, Denis McLean, 
Kirk Beattie 


Linda Monahon, Donald Thomas, 
Diane Coulopoulos, Barbara Gentile, 
Diane Robbins, Peter Castle 

Public Safety: 

Carl Cherism, Ryan Soucy, Ephraim 
Haile, Linda Collymore, Steve Tilley 


Office of the Registrar: 

Sadie Hannul, Donna Dolan, Denise 
Chamberlain, Philomena Kikelly, 
Maureen Boyle, Sharonne Taitt 

Residence Life: 

(Back) Gail Justino, Lisa Mazzariello, 
Katina Kouripines, Karyn Johnson, 
Danielle Lucitra, Shantanette Patrice 
(Middle) Karen Dickinson, Gorgette 
Green-Hodnett, Kelly Brown 
(Front) Sally Stephens, Beth Mahoney 

Residence Operation: 

(Back) Randy Dance, Valerie Randall- 
Lee, Jack Harbor, Joseph Galanek, 
Nancy Entler 

(Front) Gary Thibedeaux, James 


Ellen Borges, Pat Rieker, Jyoti Puri, 
Steve London, Becky Thompson 

Q. w •*• 


Sports Center: 

Chris Baker, Darlene Moore, Ali 
Kantor, Maureen McCormack, 
Doug Backlund 

Student Activities: 

Kristie Kirchner, Janice Brown, Geogette 
Green-Hodnett, Brooke Shinnamon 

Women's Studies: 
Eileen Cleere, Becky Thompson, 
Marie McHugh, Carole Biewener, 
Cheryl Welch, Mary Jane Treacy, Pam 
Bromberg, Jill Taylor, Diane 
Raymond, Judy Wittenberg, Elizabeth 
Hadley, Jyoti Puri 

1 MM 


Candids section 

Live It Up: 

Here's a quick look at the crazy things we've pulled. These are 
the incriminating evidence in the late night attacks of the sillies 
and the special girls' night out memories. Part of the Simmons 
experience is about having fun and finding that certain joie de 
vivre, a love of life. 



*' * t%s ■' 'ill 

f^v *> 

r §, .1 .1 


, ''X 




[ x ' J 

K~ '1 



P™ mm ^9 1 


■ST" "■*; % a • 



* - 


/ - 1 , 

■■:;; ' 



Best Things in Life are Free: Family 

Messages Section We Made It!! and here's a 

little pat on the back . . . 

Sara Michelle Kohen 
We Love You 

And Are 

So Proud 


Congratulations and All Our Best 


Katherine City, for a Wonderful 

And Happy Future 

Grandma, Poppy, Mom, Al, Liz and 



The Road Not Taken 

Iwo roads diverged in a yellow wood, 
And sorry I could not travel both 
And be one traveler, long I stood 
And looked down one as far as I could 
To where it bent in the undergrowth; 

Then took the other, as just as fair, 
And having perhaps the better claim, 
Because it was grassy and wanted wear; 
Though as for that the passing there 
Had worn them really about the same, 

And both that morning equally lay 
In leaves no step had trodden black. 
Oh, I kept the first for another day! 
Yet knowing how way leads on to way, 
I doubted if I should ever come back. 

I shall be telling this with a sigh 
Somewhere ages and ages hence: 
Two roads diverged in a wood, and 1^ 
I took the one less traveled by, 
And that has made all the difference. 


Congratulations! Congratu- 
lations! From Your Very Proud 
Mom & Dad & Sister Kim. 

We Thought This Poem By 
Robert Frost Was Reminiscent 
Of Your Life To This Point. 
You Chose A Path That Made 
All The Difference & God Has 
Blessed You Abundantly. You 
Have Persevered Through The 
Valleys & Made It To The 
Mountain Top. 

All Our Love, 


Jennifer Michelle Chyten 

I've held you through so many milestones as you've grown 

In my arms when you were born 

By the hand on your first day of school 

In my heart when you're away from me 

Through the laughter in the good times 

And the tears in the bad. 

Now you're standing on your own 

This day is yours 

Pride swells and fills my heart 

My wish for you as you go forward 

To receive as much joy in your life 

As you have given me in mine. 

I love you, 

Proud of you! Way to go! 

Dad, Danielle and Aaron 



On the other side of the water, she could see the road of 
yellow brick running through the beautiful country, with green 
meadows dotted with bright flowers. She was greatly pleased to 
see this delightful country before her. 

TODAY. . . 

The road is smooth and well-paved now, and she rejoices in 
leaving the forest far behind and with it, the many dangers she had 
met in the gloomy shades. And . . . like Dorothy, instantly she was 
whirling through the air, so swiftly that all she could see or feel 
was the wind whistling past her ears. 

Be courageous, loving and smart, Danielle. 



With love from the proudest Mom ever! 


Laura - Congratulations! 

We're Extremely Proud Of You And 
Your Many Accomplishments. 

You've Worked So Hard To Achieve 
Your Goals And We Know You're 
Not Finished Yet. 

When You Finally Reach The Brass 
Ring You Can Surely Say "I Did It 
My Way." 

We Love You! 


Thumbs Up, Erin! 

We're Very Proud Of You And Love You So 




Courtney - Congratulations! 

"The Good Is Too Often The Enemy Of 

The Best." 

You Give Your Best! 

You Did Your Best! 

You Are The Best! 
We Love You, Mink - We Are Very Proud 


Hey Class of 1998! 

Good Luck Grads 

from the Microcosm staff 



"The key to happiness is having dreams 

. . . the key to success is making dreams 

come true ..." With your faith and 

determination, there is no limit to what 

you can do! We are very proud of all of 

your accomplishments and, more 

important, we are proud of the loving, 

compassionate woman you have 

become! If you receive only half of the 

love and joy you have given to others, 

your heart will be full! Good luck, 

Nicole, as you pursue your career in 


All Our Love, 

Mom, Dad, Kristine, Maria, Ginger, and 



Born On Christmas 

A Joy Then, A Joy Now, 

A Joy Always 

We Love You! 


To the Senior Class: 

We've finally made it! Congratulations! If 
there ever was a more gifted class, we 
haven't heard about them. Simmons has 
given us many things, but most importantly 
a chance to spend 4 wonderful years in each 
other's company. 
Best wishes, 

The Senior Class Officers 



You Light Up Our Lives. We Love You 
And We're Proud Of You. 





Christine Anne Caligtan, 

If you accept the challenge 

to be all that you can be, 

Yet keep a generous spirit in defeat or victory. . . 

If you pursue success 

with every talent you possess, 

Yet look within yourself to find the way to happiness. . 

If you work hard for private goals 

and things you wish to earn, 

Yet also make the welfare 
of the planet your concern . . . 

If you can be as strong 

in competitions as you must, 

Yet play it fair and square 

and be a person others trust. . . 

And if you seek to find all far horizons hold in store, 

You 7/ be the kind of man 

that this new age is waiting for 

Our Loving Wishes For A 

Bright Future!!! 



To Our Dearest Daughter, Melissa 
Congratulations On Your Graduation 

All the things we hoped you'd be 

Are all the things you are 
We know the world must envy us 
For our bright and shining star. 

You are the happy memory of our past 

The precious moment of our present 

And the hope and promise of our future. 

We are so proud of you! 

God bless you and guide you always. 

Love, Mom, Dad, Frank, Lisa, Grandma Gilda, and Ruffles. 

Always Remember " YES YOU CAN, MELISSA " ! 



You have been a 
constant source of pride 
and joy in our lives. May 
your future be filled with 
continued happiness and 

All our love, 
Mom, Dad and Mini 

Gwen Ellen 

We're All So Proud!! 

May All Your Dreams Come True. 

Love You, 


^^^j^gfjfc J ^iM^a » •■■*■ '^ m - " "*" 

: :s: 

9 - * 

r- -tfmmill-: 

%<*& \ 

- », J 

MHr^S^ffv^^B it 


<* % m. 


You Couldn't Have Made Me More Proud! 

Love Always 




It is hard to believe that our little red 

head is a Simmons' Graduate! We 

couldn't be prouder of your hard work 

and dedication which has painted a 

successful pathway to your future. 

We love and cherish you. 

May the Lord continue to guide you, 

Mom, Dad, Jamie, Kristin 


Once Upon A Time On The South Shore Of Connecticut, A Fair Haired 
Baby Girl Was Born Named Jennifer. From The Very Beginning, We Knew 
We Had A Very Special Little Lady. You Showed Us Your Determination To 
Succeed At A Very Early Age. Your Curiosity Was Exhausting; Your Insight 
Amazing. Although Many Obstacles Crossed Your Path Throughout Your 
Childhood, Your Strong Qualities Helped You Overcome And Grow From 
These Experiences. During Your Adolescent Years, Your Strong Sense Of 
Responsibility And Compassion Began To Emerge. It Was Only Natural For 
You To Choose Medicine To Serve Others. We Know Many People Will 
Benefit From Your Caring Ways And Deep Understanding Of Their Journey. 
You Have Showed Us You Can Accomplish Anything You Set Out To Do. We 
Believe In Your Talents, Wisdom, Courage, Compassion And Goodness. We 
Believe In You. Once Upon A Time On The South Shore Of Boston, A Fair 
Haired Young WOMAN Was Born Named Jennifer. 
Congratulations - We Love You. 


* ; 



Today Is Your day! 
You're Off To Great Places! 
You're Off And Away! 
You Have Brains In Your Head. 
You Have Feet In Your Shoes. 
You Can Steer Yourself 
Any Direction You Choose." 
Here You Go, On A New Adventure 

Congratulations Laura, 

We love you and we're proud of you. If life is 

indeed composed mainly of memories and 

expectations, then you have made our lives 

exceptional in both respects. 


Mom, Dad, Scott 



You've become a strong woman; 
no more the shy little girl. 
The world is indeed your oyster, 
and you are its precious pearl. 

May your life journey continue 
to be a fruitful one. 

We love you. 

Mom, Dad, Mark, and Suki 



You Have A Strong, Beautiful Spirit Within You, A Spirit That Will Take 
You As Far As You Want To Go. We All Are So Very Proud Of You! 

Congratulations Megan! 

We're proud of you . . . 
We love you . . . 

And yes, you have to go to work now! 
Mom, Dad, Jennifer, & Julia 


Congratulations! Bravo! You Make A Great 

Role Model! We Are So Very Proud Of 

You! With All Our Love, Always, 



Congratulations to Julie Ann Savini 

All your hard work has paid off. 

Best wishes, 


Mom, Dad, John, Stacey, Sandra 






1 LO/E YO) A .... 

x %zr~^ -5 r * 


To You*. 








A» • i» <fc> bU » M* » 

■W III »■»!■««» 
Tl«y — *»«»» -J li !l iiirfiifc-i 


You OH w 




Ycm may give dm your low but mi 

Foe they have (heir own iboaghn. 

You may bourn their twdiet but uot 

For ibtlr wub dwell in iW home of »- 
morrow, wbkfe you cumat vkk, not tvm 
m your fan 

You may U rl vt to be like them, hat *aek 
■m 10 make them Bke you. 

For life goes uot backward aor tarrir* 

You arc the bow» from which your chil- 
dren as living uiom tit tent forth. 

The archer tea the aurfc upon the path 
of the infinite, and He bends you with Hi) 
night thai fib arrow? may go »Wi and Car. 

Let your binding in the arches-'* hand 
hefee g liiaa r .. . 

For even m Ik lorn out anew that aan, 
» lie loves abu the bow mat u amble. 

THE P«Opt»fT" 


+ + 








This year's Microcosm is dedicated to Professor 
Donald Thomas for his service to the Simmons community. 
Professor Thomas was appointed to the Psychology 
Department in 1966 after receiving his B.A. and M.A. from 
the University of California and his Ph.D. from Tufts Uni- 
versity. Since then, he has contributed much of his time to 
Simmons College whether through creating the sleep lab, 
founding the Psychobiology program, helping with the 
Honors program, serving as the Fulbright Scholars' 
Liaison, chairing the Human Subjects Committee, or acting 
as Parliamentarian for the faculty meetings, all the while 
keeping up active research on sleep and eating disorders. 
He has always been very supportive of students, both as 
scholars and as people and has expected the highest aca- 
demic standards in himself and others. After 32 years, he 
will be retiring this year and we know his terrific smile will 
be greatly missed all around this campus. 
.Thank you Professor Thomas for all you've done for us! 

Professor Donald Thomas 


The Microcosm staff would like to thank the following people for help in putting 
together this yearbook: 

Jostens Publications Company and our representative Tom Keeley 

Davor Photography and our representative Caren Korin 

The Simmons Voice 

All organizations and individuals who submitted photos and /or text 

Student Activities Staff especially our advisor, Brooke Shinnamon 

Nicole St Clair, Editor-in-Chief 
Amy Isabelle, Layout Editor 
Charity Cox, Photography Editor 
Amanda LeFort, Copy Editor 
Susan Antonelli, Business Manager 
Jennifer Holmes, Photographer 
Jennifer Chyten, Photographer 
Jessica Shaw, Photographer